Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Reducing Resistance to CRM Software Use

Sales reps are focused on the sales process, excited for new challenges and enjoying the competition with other companies as well as other reps on their own team. They often love to talk with people and will do anything to avoid sitting down at a desk.

However, as a sales manager, you need your sales reps to report in on how their sales are progressing through a customer relationship management, or CRM, software. CRM software helps you analyze the sales process, organize training needs and develop a sales forecast for each rep. If they aren’t using the CRM software, your data is useless.

Getting your sales reps to use your CRM software doesn’t have to be an unending problem. Instead of reminding your sales reps on a daily basis to enter their information into the CRM software, try one or more of these tactics:

Bring CRM Software Out of the Shadows

Many sales managers treat CRM software as a peripheral part of the sales position without intending to do so. When you bring a new sales rep into the team, make sure that even the most experienced rep receives ample training on your CRM software. Talk about what the information is used to do and measure the progress your new reps make on the system.

In sales meetings, make sure that you discuss CRM every time. Don’t save it for a quick mention at the end, but instead talk about it as an integral part of the sales process. Discuss with your reps what you hope to accomplish with the data they provide and explain how those plans will positively impact their sales territory.

Develop a Set Process

If you have too many fields set up, sales reps will quickly learn to shortcut the process. Instead, choose just a few fields that are necessary for tracking the behaviors you are examining and require your reps to fill them in every time.

This will encourage your sales reps to work with the CRM software, because they know they can make an entry in just a few seconds.

Go Mobile

If your CRM software is not set up to work with a mobile device, it’s time to talk with your provider. When reps have a mobile CRM solution set up on their phone or tablet, entering data can be quick and easy, something no longer relegated to an office day but done in thirty seconds as they wait for the elevator following an appointment.

Get Consistent With Enforcement

Tie CRM software use in with other measures of sales success. If your sales reps see that their overall performance is tied to their CRM use, they will begin to prioritize it.

CRM software can be an important part of driving growth in your sales organization. If sales reps are not using it consistently, however, it is never going to be accurate.

If your organization needs a CRM software with a high level of sales rep compliance, give Front Row Solutions a call. We offer mobile CRM tools that provide an easy way for sales reps to quickly enter information and get on to their next meeting.