Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Customized Key Information From a Sales Report

I got into a discussion with a new customer about the information they needed from their sales reps. Information that was critical to the success of their company. They are a bottled water company that sells water services to businesses across North America. He said what he needed from his sales reps was competitive contract expiry information. If we had that information he said we could begin a campaign at the appropriate time and go after that business. We have that information for less than 15% of our prospects. I suggested we add two questions into his Activity Card (A Front Row Activity card is a series of questions that a company creates that every sales rep answers after a sales call through the Front Row app on their mobile device).
The two questions we added were 1 a multiple choice questions “ which water company are you currently using” with these options.

Private Label
Aqua Fina
Poland Spring
Deer Park

And the second question with a calendar, “when does your current contract expire”.

These two questions were now front and center as part of their sales report and it became a constant reminder that this information was important to the success of the company.

Within six months the company had a huge data base of where every competitor was and the contract expiry information went from under 15% to over 60%. In addition we were able to provide management a report that showed the level of contract expiry information by sales rep which became a huge traing aid for they sales management group.

If knowing when a competitive contract expires is important to you contact us . We can help