Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Social CRM: Bringing Customer Data to the Forefront and Improving Brand Loyalty

We’ve reached a critical stage in customer-centric strategies, which a Forrester analyst has referred to as the “age of the customer.” Instead of offering customers services that the company deems most fit for them, companies are now gathering information on customer behaviors and offering them what they know the customer wants.

To make sure all the bases are covered, organizations are looking to multichannel strategies. You can’t always know exactly where a customer is going to interact with your brand, so playing it safe includes going to every possible place they might go, whether it’s a website, email or text message. Now, social media platforms are an increasingly popular place to interact with customers, which means
social CRM is in vogue.

One thing is certain – the number of communication channels is expanding and consumers are moving away from only using the phone call method of communication. Companies that don’t keep up with the ever-changing landscape will find themselves behind and struggling to survive. However, jumping into the multichannel communication game is not something that should be done haphazardly – it takes planning to do it right.

If your idea of
multichannel strategy is to bring people in to monitor and respond to Facebook, Twitter and other social media comments in a reactive fashion, you’re missing part of the bigger picture. You need to develop a proactive strategy that can address customer issues and build a customer experience that promotes loyalty to your brand. The customer wants to feel like you know them. Without a proper strategy, your client base will feel more like a number.

More companies are beginning to look at their workflow processes, their internal structure and communication processes. Once they know who they are and what they are doing as a company, they can better align their multichannel strategies to hit their targets on a consistent basis.

You’re trying to create experiences for customers, which means you need to know everything you can about them. Social CRM strategies are built on information you’ve gleaned through interaction with your customers. A social CRM strategy that comes from information gleaned off of sales reports is an excellent way to ensure you’re on the right track to pleasing the customer.

What many organizations fail to realize is that their CRM isn’t built for the sales rep who is mobile – in the field, talking to customers and unable to file sales reports while away from their computer. Putting a mobile CRM app in their hands is the best bet for a consistent flow of sales reports that populate the database with valuable information that can be used in
social CRM strategies.

Sales reps that fail to send their reports are most often working with a sales reporting tool that is difficult and time consuming to use. When they are equipped with the right solution, the sales report can be made in less than a minute and can include photographs that enhance the report.

Front Row Solutions has built a CRM app designed for your sales reps. We bring more value to your CRM system by offering you an app that is set up specifically for the sales department. It’s very easy to use and includes integration features, like email integration, prospect tracing and custom dashboards.  Contact us today and find out how we can give your sales department a boost.