Friday, August 22, 2014

Sales Accountability Can Hinge on a Good CRM Solution

Many companies struggle to equip their sales reps with the tools they need to succeed in the field. Failing to equip these sales reps has repercussions that trickle down to sales accountability issues throughout your sales department.

Direct Research’s survey of 500 employees’ use of mobile apps shows how extensive the problem really is. They don’t have the mobile CRM tools they need to respond to the various developments in the field that could produce more productive sales experiences. For instance, mobile CRM apps that pull up customer data to smartphones and tablet computers are what more than a quarter of the respondents in the survey said they wanted. Around the same percentage of workers say they want tools that will offer better time registration and project management processes while in the field.

What shouldn’t surprise you from the survey is that despite a calling for more applications that can produce better
sales accountability, workers say they are not currently using CRM apps. The reason this is occurring in the sales department is because the mobile solutions are counter productive. For instance, the business apps that employees have access to are used in less than five percent of the cases. Most CRM apps are fairly limited, especially when it comes to offering mobility to the salesforce.

Don’t expect your employees to bring solutions into the mix. Respondents to the Direct Research survey said (by a margin of 72 percent) it’s the employer’s responsibility to make sure the employees are matched up with the CRM apps that can improve sales accountability. Fortunately, nearly the same percentage of employers said they were willing to take that leap.

Research shows that the transition from desktop to smartphone and tablet computer is fast occurring and that the application that businessmen and women need to do their jobs efficiently will have to cater to a mobile platform. Business no longer only occurs during the hours of 9a.m.-5p.m. Much of the technology you use at the office is or should be available to you everywhere else, including your home. An influx of vendors is seeing to it that you have the applications you need to integrate solutions with your

How willing are you to bring mobile access solutions to your workplace? Those who are most willing are getting the most out of these solutions, especially within the Salesforce. The Salesforce is an increasingly important segment of any organization, as data mining becomes more of a household term.

If you want sales accountability, arm your salesforce with a mobile application that will allow them to send sales reports fast and easily. This arms your sales managers with information they require to make their sales reps more accountable.

Front Row Solutions knows how to increase the sales accountability at your workplace. We’ve developed a mobile app that puts the power into the hands of your salesforce. Our solution will allow them to send sales reports in less than a minute –from the field. There is no going back to the office and hassling with a complicated CRM reporting tool. Contact us today and find out more about our solutions.