Friday, August 8, 2014

CRM App That Can Improve Sales: Developers are Getting Into the Mobile Game

Companies have realized that their customer relationship management systems are providing value for more than just simple transactions – they’re using their CRM across the entire organization to tie in processes in a collaborative effort. To squeeze even more value out of their CRM systems, companies are expanding on what comes standard by utilizing applications to make the CRM more mobile. The right CRM app can be a game changer.

Application developers can come up with solutions now that will save you time and money later, and it doesn’t involve a complete implementation of a new system – just an added application that takes very little time to get up and running.

Most developers are turning their attention to the customer in an effort to gain more insights that lead to better relationships and better sales. Many CRM vendors build a vast array of tools that give companies many options in how they use the CRM. However, one of the areas that is lacking is in how the vendors approach your sales department. Most sales reps believe their CRM systems are made only for upper management and rarely interact with it.

Most companies are leaning toward customer-centric models of doing business, which means they’re attempting to find out what the customer wants and deliver on those wants. This is a data-intensive process that relies on information being shared from sales reps. With most reps going under-equipped in the sales reporting function of their CRM systems, sales reports are shared infrequently if ever.

One of the problems your sales department encounters when it comes to sales reports is that sales managers have little information from which they can build a coaching schedule around. They don’t have the information that tells them where the sales reps are struggling and where they are thriving. With a more consistent sales reporting process, your managers know exactly how to tailor their coaching sessions.

Perhaps an even deeper concern where
sales reporting is concerned is that your company learns nothing about the behaviors of the clients. When sales reports are consistently gathered, they build a strong database that shows client behaviors, wants and needs that can be used to build future product offerings and marketing strategies. The sales rep has first-to-face interaction with the client and can provide notes in the report that prove valuable to the entire company.

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