Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Mobile CRM For Your Mobile Salesforce

How proficient is your current CRM system in adapting to the increasingly mobile society? Is the pace of the mobile business growing much faster than what your CRM system can handle? You probably need to add applications to your system so that it matures at the same rate as your business. For too many organizations, it’s the mobile component that is left out of CRM upgrades.

Mobile CRM applications should be built to the specifications of your salesforce. The sales department is commonly left out of CRM apps, which is perplexing given the amount of important information that can come from associates who have face-to-face contact with clients.

Molding a mobile CRM application around the needs of the mobile workforce can be a little tricky; the mobile workforce is probably working on a smartphone, which has an exceedingly small screen. Even a tablet computer like an iPad has a much smaller screen than most desktops today. Application menus must be well-planned and easier to use. Basically, you need to give mobile workers the ability to carry out their tasks using fewer “clicks”.

When your mobile workforce is out in the field, they need to be able to pull up information on their screens for their clients. Furthermore, outside of the sales department, you have workers (mostly administrators or executives) who need to be able to view reports while in transit. They should be able to flip through reports on their smartphones and send reports on to the appropriate people.

While all of your employees should have access to mobile solutions, your sales reps are probably the ones who will do the most for your company with it. Sales reps have personal contact with people who offer information that should lead the company strategies into the future. However, when the sales reps aren’t relaying this information back to the company, you’re missing out on a major opportunity to populate your CRM with usable information that the entire organization can tap into.

When your company has the right mobile application working with your CRM solution, you’ll be able to finally convince your salesforce to send their sales reports on a consistent basis. These sales reports will, over time, give you insights into client behavior and offer the type of perspective you need to accurately shape your next campaign.

Another reason the mobile CRM application is well suited for the sales department is that sales managers can use the information to develop more productive coaching experiences with reps. They can look at the information and come up with realistic goals for sales reps to hit.

Front Row Solutions, we’ve come up with a mobile CRM platform that allows your sales reps to send their sales reports in less than a minute. Furthermore, we’ve integrated the smartphone’s camera as a tool for including pictures in the reports. Another perk is the email calendars integration feature that will help your sales reps keep their appointments and make follow-up appointments easily from their phones. Our mobile app is designed with the sales rep in mind; call us today to see for yourself.