Friday, August 29, 2014

Four Ways Customer Relationship Management Builds Your Business

Customer relationship management can be an important tool for managing your sales team and building your business. Too many systems created for customer relationship management, however, are often not used by sales reps. What could be the central hub of the sales team is instead a dreaded task left for the last minute.

Front Row Solutions has addressed that gap in sales reporting by developing a system created by sales representatives for sales representatives. While many customer relationship management tools are designed by technicians, Front Row Solutions provides a concept that provides an answer to all the complaints sales reps have about traditional reporting software.

Instead of a tasks pushed to the edges of the work week, customer relationship management should be integrated into every sales interaction. It can improve efficiency and drive up sales, providing accurate information to various members of an integrated team.

A great sales team relies on integrated information from receiving a lead in a timely way to following up on an order to make sure that promises were kept and the relationship remains positive moving forward.

When effectively designed, customer relationship management should provide the following four areas of impact for your business:

  1. The full customer picture. In many businesses, each unit operates with limited information about the customer’s contact with the company. When customer relationship management is working for your company, sales staff can access an invoice status, view email history and customer service interactions. Any follow-up requirements can be quickly met.
  2. Customer service gets a lift. A good customer relationship management tool that integrates with the enterprise resource planning (ERP) system allows the sales staff to examine whether a relationship with a customer is remaining positive. When the customer relationship management and ERP are integrated, they can view order fulfillment history, as well as whether the customer is making timely payments.
  3. The sales process is cleaner. The use of a good customer relationship management tool allows for the sales staff and management to measure the effectiveness of various sales techniques. Through the system, management can examine whether calls or personal visits, for instance, result in a higher closing rate. Integration with a phone system means that even phone calls and voice mails are logged for examination.
  4. Reps are freed up to do what they do best. Sales reps do not enjoy tracking down delayed orders or making multiple calls or emails to customer service or operations departments. An integrated customer relationship management tool means that sales reps are selling, which means better job satisfaction and reps that stick around.
Front Row Solutions can provide a customer relationship management mobile tool that streamlines your sales process and keeps your sales reps out selling. Call Front Row Solutions today to see how you can leverage our customer relationship management data to launch your sales team to the next level.