Friday, August 15, 2014

SFA and CRM Improve Sales Performance: Adding Social and Mobile Gives Your Processes a Boost

Customer relationship management (CRM) systems are built to help companies establish and enhance customer relationships. Sales force automation (SFA) is about managing the salesforce, managing contacts and managing opportunities and pipeline. The two work in concert to assist sales departments in hitting their goals.

You should be using your CRM to collect data on your purchases, campaigns, shipping history, sales and accounts. Your
SFA should be focused on your sales reps, the sales process, gaining efficiencies in closing your sales cycle sooner and managing the various day-to-day tasks involved in the sales process.
Companies can a boost in productivity when they implement a CRM system. However, even greater results can be realized when mobile and social capabilities are added to the CRM. Nucleus Research found in its survey that you can get a nearly 15 percent boost by adding mobile and nearly 12 percent from social.

Sales departments need their leads qualified before they enter them into the sales cycle. This is another area where CRM and SFA collaborate to offer excellent lead qualification assistance. You can plan ahead and develop a lead qualification process that allows you to map out the path and improve sales. All successful lead qualification strategies include knowing how many times you’ll touch a lead unsuccessfully before you abandon it, the disposition of every lead, steps you’ll take to make a lead sales ready and questions you’ll use to qualify your prospects.

Your CRM is also repository for all your important documents, which can be accessed quickly and sent to your prospects in a timely fashion. This not only shortens the sales cycle, it results in more sales.

SFA is an important function of CRM as it also includes report automation. You can set up your CRM to auto-generate a report as often as you like, whether it’s everyday, once a week or once a month. This gives your sales managers important information that allows them the insight to make better decisions regarding their salesforce. Goals can be more accurately established with this process and coaching opportunities also become more viable with better reporting.

One of the issues many companies find with their CRM and SFA is that they don’t get enough information from the salesforce in the form of sales reports. By adding a mobile solution to the CRM, sales departments can attain better sales reporting from the
sales rep in the field. When all sales reps are sending reports back consistently, the CRM becomes populated with valuable information that the entire company can use to their advantage.

Front Row Solutions has built a mobile CRM app that puts a valuable tool in the hands of the salesforce. We know what your sales reps need because we are former sales associates and understand the challenges with many CRM solutions.  We have also surveyed 100s of working sales reps and put into practice what they said they want in their sales reporting tools. Take a look at our mobile solution and see how it can benefit you and your salesforce.