Friday, November 14, 2014

Cloud CRM Set to Outpace In-House Software Systems

Cloud customer relationship management (CRM) is becoming a popular choice among many sales organizations. Experts predict that the tipping point is on the horizon, with up to 85 percent of CRM users employing a cloud CRM instead of an on-premise software system.

Cloud CRM is growing fast, but how do you determine whether a cloud CRM solution is right for your business? If your organization has not used cloud software before, you may wonder about the impact of that decision on your business. Here are several reasons why cloud CRM might be right for your sales organization:

Your Customers are Demanding Faster Response Times

Your organization does not have time to spend two weeks implementing a new CRM system. Cloud CRM can be installed and used with a few short hours of training. In fact, with cloud CRM you should be able to realize a quick return on investment and draw a direct line between your CRM and growth in sales.

Your IT Department Will Thank You

With high investments in security against hackers and viruses, cloud CRM companies are vigilant about protecting your data. Likewise, your IT department won’t be dealing with the bugs that can occur when you try to put in a new in-house software system. With cloud CRM, the problems have been dealt with centrally and the software is ready to go. Updates are similarly seamless with cloud CRM.

You Need to Keep up With the Competition

Your competitors are looking at cloud CRM, too, if they are truly competitors. This technology is being adopted by sales organizations, with 67 percent of enterprises responding in a recent survey indicating that they use at least two mobile apps. Having access to real-time information and giving sales reps the ability to access customer data and history while out in the field allows for a smoother sales process. Cloud CRM allows your sales team to take meaningful action in a timely way when they identify an opportunity.

You Don’t Have to Give up Your Legacy System

The current cloud CRM applications are made to integrate with your legacy software, or they can be used as a stand-alone system. When you implement cloud CRM with a legacy system, your sales reps will use a mobile app to enter information, which will be used to populate fields in your existing software system.

Integrating with an existing system is a great step for a sales organization that has a significant investment in an in-house software solution. The cloud CRM tool will enhance the use of that system and make access to information more convenient, add depth to customer interactions and allow for real-time reporting for your sales managers.

To find out more about how introducing cloud CRM can grow your sales and streamline your sales processes, talk with Front Row Solutions. We offer a mobile app CRM tool that can be used as a stand-alone system or used to enhance your in-house CRM software.