Friday, November 21, 2014

A CRM Solution That Shows a Return on Investment.

In 2004, an estimated 50 percent of the work forces equipped with customer relationship management solutions (CRM) were actually using it. Times have changed; more than 80 percent of CRM-equipped workers are now using the tools in their CRM.

The Rise of Mobility
Part of the drive to more usable CRM products is the rise of mobile devices in the workplace. The salesforce was among the first to use mobile phones to increase their productivity. Unfortunately, CRM vendors weren’t quick to offer a mobile CRM solution for the most mobile portion of the enterprise.

Today, organizations are looking at CRM to help them improve the productivity in nearly every aspect of the business. They want to see a more efficient workflow that helps them penetrate deeper into their target market. For too many years, the salesforce has been neglected when it comes to offering them effective CRM tools that can help achieve the goals above. Fortunately, more vendors are starting to see that their CRM solution development should include tools for the salesforce.

Knowing What You Need
Before you can establish that you’ll see a good return on your investment in mobile applications, you need to be able to answer questions regarding who your target audience is, how you reach out to them and what tools you use to make connections. Furthermore, how many resources are you using to make these connections? In the case of most sales reps, they’re not using reporting tools in the company’s CRM system because it’s not mobile, it’s complex and too time consuming.

Digging Deep Into Data
The salesforce is a valuable source of information because they have the best access to clients. Much of the information they learn in their interactions is not conveyed to other departments that could use the information to make better connections in future offerings. However, if the sales rep has a CRM solution that allows them to make quick and easy reports back to the office, there will be plenty of data for marketing and other departments to use in creating better campaigns that expand the target market and better connect with them.

Improving Salesforce Production
The other side effect of bringing in an effective mobile CRM solution to the sales rep is that sales managers will have information they can use for their coaching sessions. Without this information, managers have no idea how to get their reps to work toward more efficient work processes.

Front Row Solution’s Advantage
We know what sales reps need because Front Row Solution was built by former sales reps. As a leader in the mobile CRM solution space, we are providing the app that sales professionals need to not only improve their production, but also the bottom line of entire organizations.