Friday, November 7, 2014

How Social CRM is Changing Sales

Social media is changing the way sales get done. Companies are now using analysis of sites like Twitter and Facebook to determine the types of postings and status updates that might point to a potential sale or other opportunity.

Social CRM is the integration of traditional CRM software with social media capabilities. Here are a few ways that social CRM is changing the sales process:

Evaluating Leads

Social CRM allows sales and marketing teams to identify which leads may be most easily converted to a sale. A customer that goes from being a visitor to your page to clicking on an informational video is a good potential lead.

While this begins to blur the lines between marketing and sales, it ultimately improves the understanding of the quality of a lead. Analyzing the behaviors of social contacts is more efficient than making cold calls. In fact, the activities related to this part of the sales process is called the “engagement channel” which uses strategies that don’t fit neatly into sales or marketing terms.

Customer Call Center

The impact of social CRM can be felt in your customer service department. Your customer call center should experience fewer calls as your customers become comfortable interacting with your sales reps over social media. When they do call in to talk with a customer service rep, social CRM allows the customer service rep to see all of the previous interactions that have occurred between your organization and the customer.

Introducing Special Events or Educating Customers

No longer will you need to mail flyers or make special phone calls. Through social CRM you can target customers for a particular promotion and then announce it via social media. Your customers have the opportunity to “like” or respond in a comments section, giving you immediate feedback about the quality of your promotion.

Announcing a new product is also effective through social CRM. Your customers will be able to hear the news that a new product is available, as well as accessing a link to a video or other informational material telling them the benefits of the new offering. Through social CRM, getting the word out about a new product is much more efficient than contacting customers any other way.

Detecting Problems

Social CRM allows you to analyze the responses and behaviors related to potential opportunities with existing customers. If they are experiencing a problem related to your product or service, social CRM gives you the ability to address the problem before your contact shops around for another vendor.

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