Tuesday, November 25, 2014

The Value of Mobile Apps for Customer Relationship Management Solutions

Customer relationship management solutions are evolving. The evolution includes such tools as social media integration, live-chat and cloud-based software that takes the pain out of implementation. One of the more exciting changes in customer relationship management solutions has been the advent of mobile products.

Given the technological advancements today, you would think that customers would be happy with their contact center experiences, but the opposite is true; according to Dimension Data’s report regarding trends in
customer relationship management, customers have grown dissatisfied, especially the Millennials. What you have to remember about Millennials is they have never known a world without the Internet and they expect to be able to interact with others via multiple channels, whether it’s through a web chat, an application on their smartphone or one of the many social media outlets.

Millennials are perfect reminders of why customer care is important and why organizations need to try harder to identify the channels through which people interact. It’s not just the newest generation of consumers that are important because people of all ages have gravitated toward the Internet, smartphones and tablet computers that keep them in tune with their virtual worlds all the time.

When it comes to your CRM, it’s important to think about how you can use it to improve customer care. Obvious some would say, but you’d be surprised how many organizations are not thinking about the mobile component of CRM. More people access the Internet on their mobile devices more than any other way, which means CRM apps need to step up, especially for mobile workers like sales reps.

While the sales department, the sales reps in particular, have for years felt left out of the CRM customization process, more companies are putting together sales apps that integrate with the existing CRM systems. The existing systems have traditionally included robust sales reporting tools that were actually too complex for the typical sales rep to use.

Switching CRM providers is not an option for most companies, mostly because of the cost and the time it takes to fully implement a new system and get everybody trained on it. Rather than throw away a perfectly good CRM system, organizations are looking for third parties to build solutions that can be plugged in for the mobile sales force.

To really know what is needed in a mobile sales app, vendors need to question the people in the field who know exactly what they don’t like about current CRM reporting tools. One company, Front Row Solutions, has done exactly that.

Front Row Solutions has created a sales reporting tool that offers users real-time information and a fast and easy to use reporting system. Our solution makes people accountable and the salesforce more productive. Another reason our mobile sales app has been such a hit with our clients is because they see a return on their investment in days or weeks. Contact us today and get connected.