Tuesday, November 18, 2014

What to Look for in an iOS Sales App

There can be no denying the pervasiveness of mobile technology. In fact, 2014 will be the year that the use of the Internet through mobile technology overtakes fixed Internet usage for the first time, according to a report from Morgan Stanley. How ready is the customer relationship management (CRM) industry to offer mobile CRM solutions?

CRM solutions have traditionally been tied to desktops, and for good reason; most solutions are complex and take up a good amount of space on the server. However, to be of the best use to workers who are increasingly using their mobile devices in the workplace, CRM vendors are working to make their mark in the mobile space.

Sales Reps are Increasingly Tied to Their Mobile Devices
According to
Gartner, Inc., an IT research and advisory company, smartphones and tablet computers have been adopted by 30 percent of sales organizations and are being used over fixed devices more often than not. Sales reps are no longer lugging around their laptops, even though those too have become lighter and increasingly smaller. Instead, they want something that slips easily into a purse, briefcase or pocket.

The reason more sales department are moving to mobile CRM apps for their mobile devices is because sales reps today expect that type of technology to be available to them. The best sales reps will not go to an organization that is behind the times. Therefore, it’s important to get on board with mobile technologies that improve the performance of reps whose commissions can be impacted by having access to highly functional mobile CRM solutions.

Planning a Mobile CRM Implementation
Before hastily adopting mobile CRM solutions, the forward-thinking organizations looked for areas where they could utilize mobile CRM to their advantage. The solutions should be thought of as a tool that can assist in producing a more automated system that improves efficiencies, both in data gathered and the speed and accuracy at which sales reps can complete their daily tasks. An iOS sales app should include an interface that makes it easy for sales reps to work with.

Not every organization clamored to adopt the latest CRM solutions built for mobility. First off, most CRM solutions are not built to work with sales reps. Sales managers might be more familiar with CRM tools, but sales reps traditionally don’t gravitate toward complex tech tools that take their focus off their main objectives – communicating with clients and making sales.

Robust Tools That are Easy to Use
iOS sales app has to be user friendly if a sales department is going to have any success in adopting it. For instance, after a sales rep makes their call or has their meeting, they need to send back information about that event so the rest of the organization has access to the data gathered. It’s not uncommon for reps to skip this part of the process because most processes are too time consuming. However, with an easy to use iOS sales app, they can send back the appropriate information in a minute or less.

The Front Row Solution
Front Row Solutions, a company that specializes in iOS sales app development, is made up of former sales reps that know what is needed in the field. We’ve developed an iOS sales app that will ensure the information gathered in a sales call is quickly reported back to the appropriate parties. Contact us today and find out how we can improve the productivity of your mobile salesforce.