Friday, October 31, 2014

CRM Outlook Includes New Ideas for Sales Training

When you hire a new sales rep, your company likely sends them along with a few other new hires to a centralized location for a few days or weeks of sales training. They are tested over the material, given role play opportunities and time to get to know a few of the sales executives that stop by to see the new recruits.

However, many sales organizations are becoming disillusioned with this model. Despite the high cost of putting sales reps up in a hotel for weeks while they learn the philosophies of the company, the product line and sales strategies, many of the concepts learned during training are lost within a few weeks of finishing the course.

While sales executives generally know that they aren’t accomplishing much by sending new reps to this type of training, they continue to do it because there hasn’t been another option. However, sales reps know the reality: most of what they know, they learned in the field.

Now, mobile technology is providing a new CRM outlook for training capabilities. While it may take some time for companies to transition to this type of training, there are some reasons it is worth considering:

Targeted Training
The use of mobile technology for training is new on the CRM outlook, but providers of CRM are starting to implement intelligent tools for training. The mobile apps for CRM are savvy at determining which parts of the sales process are breaking down for any particular field rep.

If a field rep is missing opportunities to follow-up after a face-to-face meeting, for instance, the CRM app is going to identify that break in the sales process and provide training prompts for the sales rep.

Uninterrupted Sales
Ask any sales rep about their national training meetings, and you will likely hear grumbling. The complaint is that it is hard to keep doing their job while they are holed up in a hotel with few breaks for addressing incoming calls and emails, never mind making an in-person sales call.

With this CRM outlook, one of the clear benefits is the uninterrupted sales process for your sales reps. They will not need to take a break from selling because their training is integrated on an ongoing basis, depending on how the CRM toll determines that they need it.

Cost Savings
The cost of periodically sending your sales reps to training eats up a portion of your budget. While CRM tools are an expense as well, because they do so much more than train your reps, the cost of the training modules will be a fraction of what you currently spend to train your sales team.

Front Row Solutions provides mobile CRM apps that naturally integrate training into the day-to-day functions of your sales team. Call us today to see how you can streamline your training budget and keep your sales reps learning new techniques to grow their territories.