Friday, October 24, 2014

Using Customer Relationship Management Reporting To Grow Sales

When you use a customer relationship management tool, it can be easy to get bogged down in the data entry and simple sales reports. Don’t forget that any customer relationship management tool should be able to isolate and group various fields in order for you to target groups of customers for marketing purposes.

In order to get the most from your customer relationship management reporting capabilities, you should be doing targeted marketing. Identifying which customers may be most likely to use a particular product or service is the first step. Here are a few thoughts to consider when refining your customer relationship management reporting:

Don’t let your business size deter you. Even if you are a small business, tracking which customers might be most likely to appreciate a product or service offering can add value to your sales process.  It is never too early to use customer relationship management reporting to be sure that your sales calls are relevant.

Customer relationship management reporting prevents marketing on a mass level. If you use your customer relationship management tools well, you can avoid sending out marketing materials that hit only on a mass market level. What you want, instead, is to target the customers with marketing that is tailored to their needs so that you are increasing sales.

How to Segment Your Customer Relationship Management Reporting:

In order to effectively target customers or potential customers for marketing, you must first decide how you would like to add value through this messaging. For example, if your business is an oil distributor, you may want to target customers that are metalworking specialists with a new line of products that result in less waste.

In order to send a specialized message to your targeted group, formulate a sentence that will be populated by your customer relationship management reporting: “I want to (call/email/Facebook message) all contacts that (enter criteria) that are/are not (insert criteria).” This type of formulaic sentence can help you identify what it is that you are trying to accomplish through your customer relationship management reporting.

Next, use your database to pull the contacts that meet the criteria in your formulaic sentence. Then create a message that communicates the added value that you would like to offer your contacts that can be delivered through your choice of communication tools.

Before you press “send” or make a call, make sure you decide how to evaluate whether your targeted marketing activity was successful.

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