Friday, April 25, 2014

The Mobility of iOS Sales App Increases Productivity

The strength of a good sales team is in its ability to be mobile – to get out of the office and make face-to-face interactions with customers and solidify sales. A sales team that is tied to their desks is far less productive. However, until recently, mobile sales teams still had to return to the office to submit sales reports.

Insights = Better Productivity
Your sales managers need the information that can give them the insights they need to get more clarity on what’s going on in a sales rep’s daily activities. It’s through sales reports that these insights can be gained. Unfortunately, when it comes to adopting CRM solutions enterprise-wide, it’s usually the sales team that falls short of total buy-in and fails to offer the reports on a consistent basis.

Smartphone Ubiquity Works in Your Favor
It’s highly unlikely that any member of your sales team is not using a smartphone or tablet computer while in the field. An
iOS sales app on these mobile devices can offer your sales team a quick and easy way to stay mobile while sending in the reports you use to drive better performance out of your team while pinning down customer habits and behaviors. So many businessmen and women have realized the value of the iOS sales app in their day-to-day routines that the app adoption is expected to grow by 500 percent at some point this year.

Cater to Your Sales Reps’ Work Habits
Your focus might be on the bottom line, but giving your sales reps the mobility and flexibility to work in the field creates more loyalty among your workforce. However, sales reps are notorious for loathing laborious CRM training. They’re even more notorious for their reluctance to file sales reports, especially if the CRM reporting tools are too complex and time consuming. Therefore, you need to take a close look at the iOS sales app you’re considering and make certain it caters to the needs of your sales team.

Get Your Data Right the First Time
You rely on your data to help you make sales to your current customers, but also to market to those customers so they’ll be around for a long time. This means your data has to be accurate. You need to make sure your contact information is entered correctly and that everything about the sale is recorded accurately. The iOS sales app allows your sales team to make the report within seconds of the end of the sales call, which means all the information is completely fresh in their memory and less likely to be entered incorrectly.

How an iOS app Should Work
Front Row Solutions has perfected the iOS sales app process. When your sales rep finishes a sales call, they simply launch the Front Row app and enter the sales information, which could include pictures from the camera app, and send it to the Front Row servers. The whole process takes as little as 30 seconds.

The message from your sales reps will identify who sent the report, which client was contacted and the time and date. The sales rep analytics database, client database and customized dashboard are all automatically populated with all the information in the report. Whether it’s a Blackberry, iPhone or Android – give your sales reps the power of Front Row mobility today.