Wednesday, April 9, 2014

How to Use Your CRM Software and CRM Tools to Reach New Growth

When you consider the projected growth of customer relationship management solutions, which could hit $36.5 billion in three years, there is no denying the important role that CRM software and CRM tools continue to play across many industries.

The growth spurt might seem puzzling considering that most organizations aren’t realizing the full potential of their CRM software and CRM tools. By some accounts, only one-third of companies say they are getting the kind of customer conversion numbers they had hoped to attain with their CRM software and CRM tools.

Big Data Plays a Key Role
Just about every action we make online is recorded and stored somewhere, which explains why datacenters are bursting at the seams. Most of us don’t even think about it anymore, but those who do are probably hoping that the organizations that analyze the data are using it to make better products and provide better services. You should think the same about your CRM software. It should play a key role in collecting data using as much automation as possible and giving you the tools to provide reports that result in actionable information.

Unfortunately, less than 40 percent of organizations have the CRM systems that will allow them to integrate data between departments, which makes coming together as an enterprise nearly impossible. Even fewer organizations have the software that enables them to gain real-time insights.

Using Mobile and Social Strategies Together
Your approach to your CRM should be flexible enough to allow for changes. Certainly, your company has invested some time and money in establishing a social media presence. Your salesforce is also a very mobile group, which means your CRM should also have embraced mobile technology by now. There is not doubt that integration of mobile technology and social media has been a challenge for many companies, but its importance can’t be understated.

Social media can provide insights that weren’t easy to get before Facebook, Twitter and various other social sites evolved. Organizations that have had success in integrating social media with their CRM started with a well-planned out script of expectations and goals.

Playing to the Strengths of the Sales Rep
The best CRM software and tools consider every department in the company. However, many CRM vendors neglect to take into account the important data that can be gained from sales reps. More importantly, the CRM vendors fail to give sales reps the right tools for the job. The salesforce is engaging in interaction with the customer base, from face-to-face conversation to email exchange to phone calls. There is a multitude of data that can be gained from sales reps.

Using Front Row’s Mobile Solution
Front Row Solutions realizes that your sales department needs the right tools for the job, which is why it has developed a mobile solution that is built on the specifications of the sales reps. If your organization isn’t seeing the conversion rates it expected to see, consider the Front Row solution where you’ll gain more access to the data that can help you make better decisions and see more profits.