Friday, April 4, 2014

SFA: How Do Mobile Apps Help Improve Sales?

Salesforce automation, or SFA, is getting a lot of attention now as companies look to their CRM to improve revenues. CRM can help you see patterns in the behavior of your customer base. These insights, which come in the form of a multitude of data, are now being mined through SFA in mobile CRM apps. Some companies are investing heavily in SFA and mobile CRM apps and they’re seeing a strong positive return on those investments.

What’s SFA All About?
Thanks to advancements in technology and software development, tasks that once took the salesforce hours a week to complete can now be accomplished through the SFA processes in a fraction of the time. You can now gain access to software that will let you know the exact status of your inventory, how many customer complaints you’ve received and which department should address the issue. You can also see the sales ratio of your salesforce, the length of each and every sales call and many other aspects of your sales department – all through SFA.

Gaining Efficiency
SFA and mobile apps help you achieve what you’re always trying to achieve – efficiency. You want to save money and you can do that by saving time. Your marketing team and sales reps might be shoving gigabytes of data your way, but without efficient tools for analysis, you’re not going to get anything out of that data. Using SFA, you’re more likely to break that data down into actionable information. Furthermore, if you were to take the time to manually process the information, you’re introducing the probability of human error, which can corrupt your data. SFA is a quick and clean way to ensure you’re gaining efficiencies that improve sales.

SFA and Mobility
The salesforce has always been a mobile unit, however, CRM hasn’t always been friendly when it comes to sales reps and their mobile habits. More mobile apps are making their way into the CRM solution, making it easier for the salesforce to utilize CRM and for sales managers to gain insights from the information provided by the salesforce.

Sales reps are using mobile apps as the front end to the company’s CRM, enabling them to execute many tasks that are usually tackled at the desk where the laptop or desktop resides. Instead of the hefty desktop or bulky laptop, sales reps are using their smartphones and tablet computers to gain the mobility they need to do their jobs.

Front Row Solutions and the Mobile App
Front Row Solutions developed the fastest and easiest sales reporting tool on the market so your sales reps can achieve mobility and generate reports that help improve sales. Front Row offers a multitude of tools in our mobile app, but don’t be intimidated. We know your sales staff doesn’t have time for extensive training so we made the tools extremely easy to use. Get connected today and start realizing the potential of SFA and the Front Row Solutions’ mobile app.