Wednesday, April 16, 2014

4 Reasons to Invest in Sales Force Automation

Sales force automation tools are giving companies a boost in conversions while lowering the sales cycle duration. When used properly, sales force automation tools will offer an excellent return on investment through bringing enhancements to your sales department.

Let’s look at some benefits companies see when they adopt sales force automation.

1. Time Consuming Tasks Now Take a Fraction of the Time
There are aspects of the sales reps’ job that involves a very personal approach. It’s this approach that makes the sales rep such a valuable member of any enterprise. However, there are a number of tasks that are mind-numbing but still important. For instance, tracking contacts, shooting out follow-up emails and scheduling appointments are all very important aspects of the job, but take up a good deal of time. When adopting a sales force automation solution, you can do all of these impersonal tasks very quickly and very easily.

Generating estimates is also a time-consuming task that almost every sales rep needs to take time to do. Sales automation tools enable the rep to make these estimates rather quickly, which means sales proposals come around sooner and leads to your sales cycle duration being reduced.

2. Manage Your Sales Team with More Efficiency
Sales managers that lead successful sales teams spend a lot of time training. These managers are armed with information about the performance of their sales reps, which gives them fodder for training. Sales automation tools give sales managers insights, like sales figures, complaints from customers, time spent per call, the outcome of each call and how the call was made – email, face-to-face, etc.

When you are using sales force automation, you’ll have the equipment you need to develop your reps’ regions with more efficiency. You should have all the information to get these regions right the first time, but if something seems out of the ordinary, you can use your sales force automation tools to gain access to the information you need to determine why the rep is underperforming in that region.

3. Customer Service Gets a Boost
Many industries are embracing customer-centric business practices to retain their current customer base and attract new streams of revenue. Sales force automation can be of assistance in this endeavor. Sales force automation can be used to handle questions and/or complaints and reduce the number of dissatisfied customers. Automation helps tie all departments together and deliver complaints to the right person so the issue can be resolved.

4. Increase Profits
Your sales force needs to be free of cumbersome reporting tools that take time away from what they do best – make money for you. Too many CRM solutions offer mobile CRM tools that are too time consuming for most sales reps to consider using. Front Row Solutions has developed a mobile app that gives your reps the ability to fire off a sales report in seconds. With Front Row’s automated solutions, your reps can focus more time on your customer base and less on “paperwork.”