Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Cloud CRM – Are You Missing an Opportunity?

Regardless of your industry and the type of clients and customers you have, your customer relationship management (CRM) solution and the tools within it help you provide better customer service and give your sales and marketing teams a wealth of data from which to execute on strategies.

Your CRM is a database of information about your sales, notes on your conversations, contact information and the interactions that help you track trends and behaviors. It doesn’t matter how small your company currently is, adopting a robust and user-friendly CRM solution can produce gains that are otherwise impossible. An increasing number of companies are going with CRM solutions that are residing in the cloud. Let’s look at some key benefits companies see when they adopt
cloud CRM.

Everybody Operates in the Social Cloud – So Should Your CRM

What started as a way to reconnect with old classmates you’ve lost touch with over the years has turned into a multi-billion dollar investment for the business world. Social media definitely has a place in the business space and so does your CRM. An increasing number of vendors have upgraded their CRM offerings to include a social aspect. Now, you can interact with your clients in the social media space through your smartphone, which helps you track interactions. When you’re connected with a cloud-based CRM, you will gain instant access to all the updates your CRM provider comes out with and it requires no work on your part.

Cloud CRM Offers Flexible Integration

Your cloud CRM can be viewed as a database of client information that is instantly updated - enterprise wide - once new information is entered. When your other applications are linked to your cloud CRM, you can gain access to all the added services with seamless integration, even between disparate technologies.

Growth in the Company Requires Scalability

You don’t want to go through a painful upgrade every time you experience growth within your company. This is why cloud-based systems are so beneficial to expanding companies. If you have the unfortunate situation where you are seeing a loss in business, cloud CRM allows for scaling down as well. All you need to do is contact your provider and your capacity can be adjusted as needed.

Cloud CRM Provides Total Access

As all your information is provided through the Internet, you’ll have access to your data at all times; all you need is an Internet connection. This is especially important for the mobile salesforce that often works from their smartphones, tablet computers or laptops. When the CRM system is tied to a mobile app, the mobility factor becomes an even larger perk for the salesforce. However, these apps must be built to the specification of the salesforce, or you will see a low adoption rate.

Front Row Solutions knows the salesforce is a finicky bunch when it comes to how they prefer to use mobile apps related to CRM. We know this because our company is founded by sales reps with years of experience working in the field and we’ve built our mobile CRM app around the needs of the salesforce. Contact us today and see how our solutions will work to provide you with a more productive cloud CRM experience.