Monday, April 28, 2014

Sales Conference Proves Successful for Front Row CRM

One of the best methods for bringing new technology to potential customers is through the industry conference experience. While a number of opportunities exist, only the best can draw in professionals from Front Row Solutions for the first-hand experience.

Recently, Front Row was in Charlotte N.C. at one of the best sales conferences the company and its leadership has ever attended. The event was put on by the Bill Eckstrom and his staff at the Ecsell Institute and was focused on the sales manager, one of the most neglected but critical members of the management team. The goal was to provide insight, training and motivation.

The tagline for the event, “Nothing Impacts Sales More Than Coaching” was the central focus of conversation at the presentations, breakout sessions and networking events.

Front Row Solutions’ CEO, Etien D’Hollander attended as a delegate because of his role as a sales manager, as a sponsor because of his interest in all aspects of sales and sales management, and also as an exhibitor because of Front Row CRM.

Etien summed up his experience in his own words:

"As a delegate, I have a number of new insights and actionable items that I will use in my role as a sales manager. Of particular note was Lisa Mcleod and her presentation, “Leading Sales and Noble Purpose.” Not only will I use her concept of “Noble Purpose “as a sales rep and a sales manager, but I will also incorporate this concept into Front Row CRM. I also found Karyn Grassino and her presentation “Ignite: Sales Leadership Under Pressure” extremely valuable.

As a sponsor, I found the numerous networking, social and interactive events tremendous. It was inspiring connecting with like-minded individuals who have a passion for sales and sales management and I left with many new friends, mentors and collaborators.

As an exhibitor, with the support and promotion provided by Bill Eckstrom and his staff, my booth was busy and engaged and many leads were created."

What really set this conference apart for Front Row was the entire Ecsell Institute staff’s obvious commitment to their customers and providing value in their time with Bill Eckstrom. Everything was about the customer: the conference agenda, the meals, the social events and the numerous impromptu discussions. The real insight came from the customers themselves: the numerous times they had come to this conference, the relaxed cooperative atmosphere and the value they place on the strong support and commitment from Bill and Ecsell Institute.

If you are looking for a conference offering something special, whether as a delegate, sponsor or exhibitor, you owe it to yourself to check out this event and how it may benefit your organization.