Friday, April 18, 2014

iOS CRM App For Anywhere Anytime Data

Customer relationship management solutions have many uses, but traditionally, it’s viewed as the best possible way to manage contacts, execute lead tracking and offer customer service support. As society has become increasingly mobile, CRM is evolving to fit the mobile environment.

The iOS CRM app is developed to give your mobile salesforce a new set of tools to use in the field; tools that bring vital services to the entire enterprise. Using tablets and smartphones with app installed, your sales reps can gain access to the enterprise CRM.

Mobile CRM’s Slow Evolution
In the days before the smartphone sales reps would have to report back to the office to enter their sales data into computers. Now, with the advent of the iOS CRM app, sales reps can stay in the field and maintain total access to the information they need in the enterprise CRM. They’re also able to communicate all the sales data that your company needs to track how the customer base is behaving and how your sales reps are performing.

The days of CRM being exclusively about contact management and lead generation are long gone. Sure, these remain important aspects of the enterprise’s CRM, but the CRM solution and the iOS CRM app are offering you more customer-centric options.

Mobile technology entered the business world in 1999 when BlackBerry dropped its email pager. By the end of 2003 many mobile businessmen and women had a BlackBerry phone in their pockets. Despite the rich history of the smartphone, it wasn’t until recently that CRM took off for mobile devices.

Mobile CRM saw a massive gain in 2013 with more vendors offering iOS CRM apps that companies could integrate with their enterprise CRM. It might have been a slow start, but many vendors are developing tools to meet the many needs of organizations in many industries.

What are Sales Departments Gaining With Mobile CRM Solutions?
Research suggests that most sales teams work less than 60 percent of the time they’re on the clock. With that statistic in mind, companies have a lot to gain from the mobile CRM app if it can improve work processes. Looking at the sales department exclusively, research shows that it is one of the most expensive components of any organizations. It’s puzzling to think that despite this expense, most CRM vendors cater to other departments.

Companies need to communicate better across departments, enhance their marketing efforts and improve their corporate strategies. This all can be done with a robust iOS CRM app. When sales reps report their sales on a daily basis from the field via their iOS CRM app, the information can be used at many levels in the company, but the bottom line is that this information gives insights to the customer base.

Utilizing Front Row’s Mobile Solution
Front Row Solutions developed its mobile app to help the salesforce easily and effectively report its sales information. However, Front Row has gone a step further than most vendors not only by catering to the salesforce, but by adding a camera tool to the mobile app. Sales reps can take photos on their smartphones that can be included in the sales report. Depending on the nature of the photo, automated messages go out to the appropriate departments at the office.

Companies need more value out of their mobile solutions and Front Row is here to offer that value, providing you with the tools you need to produce the results you want.