Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Mobile Strategies that Include CRM Integration Offer Advantages

Customer relationship management (CRM) systems have been around for a long time and as society as a whole becomes more mobile, companies like yours are taking their CRM strategies mobile as well.

Defining CRM Integration

Placing your existing data, which includes contact information and how those contacts have interacted with you in the past, into your CRM system is how most companies start the CRM integration process. They’re taking it a step further today and adding mobile solutions to the mix to maximize profitable opportunities.

Increase Profitability

You’ve used your CRM system in the past to gain insights that lead to more sales, which means you’re seeing more profits. Essentially, CRM integration helps you create more efficient and effective marketing strategies that revolve around customer satisfaction, which drives more sales opportunities. Some companies are focusing on customers as individuals, which is almost impossible to do efficiently without CRM system that integrates mobile advantages.

What You Can Expect to See with CRM Integration?

The goal, obviously, is more profits, and that is exactly what you’ll see when you embark on a CRM integration project. Specifically, you’ll find that when you streamline your business process, which is what happens when you integrate your CRM, you will be saving on the amount of time you put toward customer relations. This doesn’t mean relations are compromised, it just means you are now taking advantage of certain automated processes that will help you execute tasks related to customer relations more efficiently. Billing is also something that benefits from the automated processes common in CRM integration projects. Employee management also gets a lot easier due to the tools in most CRM systems.

CRM Integration Isn’t Industry Exclusive

It doesn’t matter how big or small or in what industry you are currently competing – CRM integration works for everyone and is universal. Every successful business is focused on keeping the most detailed records possible, which is exactly what CRM is built to do accomplish. These same successful businesses are constantly looking into the future, planning for what’s next. CRM integration also will assist you in tackling this task. Spotting trends is not as complicated when you have a mountain of data in front of you, which makes more sense when analyzed through your CRM.

Mobile CRM Integration is Becoming the New Norm

A good amount of your company’s CRM data is coming from your salesforce – the people who actually communicate with your clients and can offer a great deal of insight into how they behave and what they want. Since your salesforce is mostly mobile, it makes sense to equip them with tools that allow them to perform at their highest abilities in the field. Mobile CRM apps help in this endeavor.

The Front Row Solution

At Front Row Solutions, we’ve listened to what your sales reps want in a mobile app and we’ve built a solution exclusively for them. If you’ve seen a poor CRM adoption rate in your salesforce in the past, it’s probably because your mobile app wasn’t built for them. To send a sales report on our app only takes 30 seconds. Contact us today about our services and we’ll show you a solution that works for your salesforce.