Friday, May 16, 2014

Looking for Efficiencies? Choose a CRM Solution with Mobile Capabilities

When it comes to building up a profitable business, it’s not uncommon for small business owners like yourself to let go of some tenants of successful business practices, such as staying organized amidst the chaos. However, bringing a CRM solution into the mix can help you keep the clutter organized while you focus on building profits.

Maybe you’re one of the few business owners who can actually take hours out of your day to keep everything in order. You’ve paid great attention to detail in your administrative duties while planning and arranging strategies designed to grow your business. In doing so, you’ve watched your profits increase. Perhaps you think you’ve done everything you can to organize your business – you’d be wrong. By bringing in a
CRM solution, you’re going to find that the hours you spend organizing your business manually will be whittled down to just a few minutes.

CRM systems aren’t usually the first thing that pops into the mind of a small business owner like you. Most people think the CRM systems are built for large corporations with thousands of contacts and gigabytes of data that need to be organized by a fancy CRM solution. However, even small businesses like yours will see results from a CRM solution.

Boost Your Customer Relations

When your customers are satisfied, they prove it by coming back for more business. When your contact with them is approached systematically, you’ll begin to see an enterprise-wide improvement in customer satisfaction. When everybody is on the same page, communication is more consistent and effective in understanding what your clients actually want. Another perk to generating a positive communication system is that your clients will be more likely to spread a positive word about your business to others.

Marketing Automation Creates Efficiencies

Do you know who is purchasing what, when they purchase it and why? This is essential data that all marketers need to know before they can embark on their next campaign. When your sales reps enter this information into your CRM solution they are providing your marketers with the information they need to design the next strategy. Furthermore, customers can get more individualized care via the information you have on them in your CRM solution. Are you giving your salesforce the tools they require to enter such information?

Enterprise-wide Communication Improves

Your CRM solution provides you with a centralized database that can be accessed by every department in your company. A CRM solution isn’t just about how you communicate with your clients – it’s also about how each of your colleagues communicates with each other. The advantages here are obvious.

Salesforce Mobile CRM Solutions

You have a valuable resource working in the field – your mobile salesforce. They’re all equipped with smartphones and/or tablet computers; why not equip them with a CRM solution they can take with them? Rather than jumping back into the office to enter sales reports, give them the option to enter it from the field on a mobile app.

Front Row Solutions built an app specifically for the salesforce, which means you will get a real-time view of what your salesforce is doing in the field. Also, every report they send will automatically sync to your CRM solution, giving you the power of knowledge that allows you to build strategies based on the most reliable information. Call us today and learn about the solutions that will bring you the efficiencies you’ve been looking for.