Wednesday, May 7, 2014

A Sales Reporting Tool to Suit Your Salesforce

Every sales rep needs a sales reporting tool that takes absolutely no time to learn, is easy to use and is 100 percent mobile. Unfortunately, most vendors are missing the mark when it comes to catering to the needs of the salesforce.

Accountability Tools

Let’s face it, when your sales reps are making money, your company is profiting. Putting the right tools in the hands of your salesforce should be a goal as the right tools drive revenue. What exactly should these tools offer? For starters, real time reporting capabilities that makes it extremely easy for the salesforce. With an eye on better reporting practices, you’ll also get more accountability from your salesforce.

When your sales reps have a mobile app that works, they’ll be able to quickly send reports that allow your sales managers to identify which rep sent it in, which client they called on, the data and time of the call, how the client was contacted (appointment, face-to-face, cold call, etc.) and the result of the call. All the information is uploaded into the CRM where it will populate the sales analytics database.

Discover Insights

The right sales reporting tool will give you insights into the call, like what products were discussed, how much the sale was for, if any follow up is needed, what products will interest the client in the future and much more.

For example, a good sales reporting tool will tell you if the owner, vice president, manager, architect or gatekeeper was contacted. It will also tell you if the contact was made via appointment, phone call, email, cold call or webinar. The purpose of the call, whether it was a product presentation, introduction, follow up, service, training or pricing review, will also be noted. Did your sales rep make a sale or was the party simply not interested? Did they need more info about the product and the pricing? These questions will be answered in the report.

The Devil is in the Details

Many calls include a follow up directive. The sales report should reflect whether or not that follow up will be in one day, two days, a week, two weeks, a month or none. Another valuable aspect of a good sales reporting tool is that it will offer a section for notes, which can offer further insights into the behavior of a client, offering more individualistic views of clients.

Your sales managers need to know in real-time what’s going on in the field. The performances should be tracked and displayed on an interface that is easy to understand. This will help you determine your best sales practices and where your strengths and weaknesses lie. Essentially, you’re going to be better able to set benchmarks and offer more effective coaching if you have a sales reporting tool that works.

You know your salesforce hasn’t had much luck with previous reporting tools that were too difficult or time consuming to effectively operate. That’s why
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