Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Mobile CRM that Works With Your Salesforce

Despite the fact that technology has put individuals miles apart within arm’s reach of each other, even if the parties are divided by an ocean, there is still a need for sales reps to be mobile. With the proliferation of smartphones, it’s now become important to include in the business strategy a mobile CRM app that works with the salesforce so that they can be connected to the home office while out in the field.

Your sales reps do their best work away from the office, coming face to face with prospects and having conversations about the products/services your company offers. In doing so, they are the front line for information that can help to improve sales now and in the future. The problem for many companies that don’t have access to a good
mobile CRM app is extracting that information from the sales rep.

You have to know by now that mobile CRM is the future of generating valuable information from which actionable decisions can be made. People are using personal computers less and less in favor of their smartphones and tablet computers. Why not equip them with a mobile app that can tap into the power of your company’s CRM?

The mobile CRM industry has picked up on this need. According to research by Gartner, the number of mobile CRM apps is expected to grow by 500 percent this year. Don’t put yourself in a position to play catch up – get invested now in a mobile CRM app that works with your salesforce.

Sales reps without a mobile reporting app have to come back to the office to file their sales reports, which increases the odds that they’ll skip this process, leaving you without all that valuable information they have stored in their heads. Furthermore, employees who are given the access to tools that allow them to do their jobs offsite are found to be more productive, engaged and loyal to the company. You’re essentially empowering them, which is something that always produces results.

Mobile CRM can put tools in the hands of your sales reps that give them more opportunities for success. For instance, if your app allows you to integrate email calendars into the mix, you’ll have an effective way to keep tabs on follow-ups. Other tools will let you use your smartphone’s camera to include pictures in the sales report. This is an invaluable addition to an already powerful app.

Users of
Front Row Solutions mobile CRM have found that their sales reps can send a sales report in less than a minute, which greatly increases the amount of actionable data that gets back to the company. It affects every aspect of the company, from marketing where they’ll have a better grasp on what is attractive to clients, to sales managers who will have more information on how they can coach their salesforce. Front Row is leading the way with mobile CRM designed specifically for the salesforce. Contact us today and see how we can change the way your sales team works.