Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Customer Relationship Management Tools for Improved Sales Managers

One of the most neglected yet critical members of any management team is the sales manager. The sales manager provides the insight, training and motivation that every salesforce needs to thrive. However, without the right information, the sales manager can’t excel, nor can the salesforce.

There is no shortage of information that tells us that the performance of a team is reflected in how they are coached. Sales leaders need the tools to help them provide a better coaching experience. This often comes in the form of a user-friendly customer relationship management solution, which should include a mobile app that is easily used by the salesforce.

Armed with the right reporting tools, the salesforce can send their sales reports from the field, which can be analyzed by sales managers, who in turn can customize their coaching for each individual sales person.

Customer relationship management
solutions can help increase sales revenue, improve productivity among sales reps, increase customer engagement and much more. Your company needs to find how it can competitively differentiate, improve morale among the salesforce and identify a noble sales purpose. This is something Lisa McLeod talks about in her speaking engagements to sales managers and in her book “Selling with Noble Purpose.” When your company utilizes its customer relationship management solution with a mobile app for the salesforce, they have a better chance at finding that noble purpose.

In order for more companies to maintain an effective salesforce, they need the information sales managers can use to provide more positive coaching experiences. There needs to be accountability, but without the right data, nobody can be held accountable, not even the sales manager. The best data source is the customer, but without a proper sales reporting tool, the salesforce can’t relay this data back to the sales manager.

Customer relationship management solutions include a plethora of tools and features that can be used to improve a company’s business processes, but without a proper reporting feature, little to no information can be gleaned through the salesforce.

Some features provided by excellent sales reporting tools include reports that show all the sales activity that a sales manager could need to offer better coaching. A report should show which sales rep is filing it, who they contacted, how they were contacted, the result of the sales call and much more. A sales process activity card should show everything from the sale amount to what the contact will purchase in the future. Follow-up dates and notes about competitors should also be included in a sales process activity card.

With the
Front Row Solutions mobile app, sales reps are able to integrate with their customer relationship system, quickly and easily. As the fastest reporting tool available to the salesforce, we’re confident that your salesforce will start providing you with the information you need to not only provide a better coaching experience, but to see results enterprise wide that will improve your marketing and sales processes.