Friday, May 9, 2014

CRM Tools Should Be Accessible to Every Rep

A focus on customer-centric activities has gotten a lot of attention as of late. Surely, the idea that companies should cater to the needs of their customers isn’t new. However, has the increasing amount of data being stored on consumer behavior helped to push more customer-centric values? That appears to be the case.

The focus of both B2B and B2C industries has been on empowering clients, mostly through social and mobile channels. This empowerment has helped companies like yours to take customer-centric behavior to a new level and better address the need for individual attention. When clients get individual attention from you, the likelihood of the sales cycle coming to a faster, more profitable close is almost certain.

No matter how you lump a demographic together, clients are individuals. The better you can approach them as individuals, the more likely you are at improving business.

As the focus has rightfully been placed on approaching the client as an individual, how has the workforce been treated? According to a survey from Forrester Business Technographics, the workforce deserves more tools that will empower them. For instance, only 18 percent of those surveyed, most of whom come in contact with customer relationship management systems, have access to a tablet computer at their job.

The important takeaway from the survey is that while companies are focusing more on the client, they’re focusing less on giving the tools that can help serve those clients to the workforce.

The frontline reps need more tools that help them utilize the data in the
CRM and actually add to it. The hardware and software is changing rapidly, becoming easier to use and much less expensive. It’s no longer a stretch to put quality tools in the hands of the lowest-paid reps.

Much can be learned from the client interactions of every employee. This information should be made available enterprise wide. One of the best ways to do this is to offer sales reps the tools that allow them to make a detailed report – quickly. Unfortunately, too many vendors fail to recognize the needs of the workforce, which creates a disconnect between the workforce and the tools they use to add important data to the CRM.

When a sales rep fails to report data, they’re missing the opportunity to offer valuable insights into how the client behaves, which means the company is less likely to have the data it needs to offer individualized service.

Front Row Solutions recognized the problem between vendors’ solutions and how the salesforce utilizes CRM tools. As a company founded by former sales reps, we know exactly what’s missing when it comes to your interface with the company’s CRM. If your current mobile app for your CRM is painfully difficult to use and takes too long to send a report, you know your sales reps aren’t going to bother with it. Call Front Row Solutions today and see how our innovative mobile app with a camera feature can assist your sales reps.