Friday, February 27, 2015

Mobile CRM Revolutionizes Sales Process

When Steve Jobs introduced the concept of the iPad, he said that tablets were going to fill a gap between cell phones and laptop computers. There were some tasks that a laptop could do, but it was a bit cumbersome. Other tasks could be completed on a phone, but screen size and a lack of speed might make it less than ideal.

A tablet, however, would be a perfect fit for tasks that required the portability of a cell phone but the speed and visibility of a laptop. Critics were a bit skeptical, but a few years later tablets are everywhere.

While consumers love to read and surf the Internet on tablets, they are becoming indispensable in the business world. Sales organizations are finding that when they use tablets to implement mobile CRM, their sales process is revolutionized, resulting in improved efficiency and increased profits.

Here are a few reasons why mobile CRM and tablets are the right combination to get your sales organization on a growth trajectory:

Mobile CRM Eliminates the Inefficiency of a Laptop for Sales Presentations
In some industries, sales reps are forced to grab a minute of the decision-maker’s time between customers. Waiting for a laptop to boot up is not an option. The ability to look at order history, demonstrate new offerings and answer questions on the spot make mobile CRM on a tablet a game changer for sales reps.

Tablets Eliminate the Need for Paper Brochures
A tablet allows a sales rep to quickly pull up a PowerPoint or video demonstration to profile a new product or service. If the customer is intrigued, the sales rep is able to check real-time inventory immediately and place an order for the customer. Sales organizations can eliminate the need for printing brochures, a significant savings that will quickly replace the cost of the tablets.

Sales Reps are Able to Enter all Data During the Sales Call
Instead of getting back to their office with a list of items to complete for customers, sales reps can enter orders, check inventory and makes notes about possible opportunities while they are standing in front of the customer. Data entered into the mobile CRM is fresh, allowing sales managers to access quality information for sales reports.

Sales Managers Enjoy Full Compliance From Sales Reps
Sales reps tend to avoid activities that they perceive as taking away from time selling. When mobile CRM allows them to enter critical information in a few seconds, they no longer think of sales reporting as a task that robs them of sales time. They will quickly see the connection between using the tool and increased sales and profit.

Front Row Solutions provides a mobile CRM that can be used as a stand-alone tool for your sales organization or it can be implemented to interface with your legacy CRM solution. Call us today to find out how we can develop a customized CRM system for your sales reps that boosts profitability and efficiency.