Friday, February 6, 2015

Customer Relationship Management: Improve Your Rate of Adoption

Today customer relationship management implementations are followed by an adoption rate of only 50 percent. Experts give more than one reason for this failure, but both human error on the part of the client and short-sightedness on the part of the vendor may have some share in the blame for adoption failures.

If you have made a major investment in
a customer relationship management system and want to see your employees use it as intended, here are some tips for success:

·         You can start by ensuring that your training plan is of use to your sales department. Most customer relationship management solutions are not built with the sales department’s specific needs in mind, which is perplexing given the value that this department adds to any organization. For this reason, more training will be needed so they are more comfortable with the system.
·         Don’t require too much (or any if possible) duplication of data entry tasks. Your sales reps do not want to waste time with sales reports and adding information to the system more than is necessary. Contact information is an area that is often a frustration for this segment of your workforce. Don’t insist on owning your contact information and forcing your sales reps to enter it twice – once into your system and again into their personal database.
·         Start small with your implementation and then ramp it up. Customer relationship management tools can take some time to get accustomed to, so try adding solutions bit by bit. You’ll see employees take better command of each solution as they are introduced over time. Offer education courses for those who have little exposure to various aspects of the system so they can get helpful reminders when needed.
·         If your system doesn’t offer mobility solutions, bring in a third party app that will allow your sales reps the mobility they need to add information, such as sales reports, back to your system.

The mobility area is something that is lacking in most systems and failing to live up to expectations in others. The salesforce needs tools they can use on their smartphones, tablet computers and laptops while they’re in the field. You know your reps would rather be in the field doing what they do best rather than making frequent trips back to the office to file sales reports.

Front Row Solutions has developed a sales app that makes up for all the shortfalls in the sales reporting tools of major CRM vendors’ offerings. Our solution involves an easy to navigate interface that allows your sales reps to file a report in less than a minute. They can also add photos to their reports, which are automatically populated to your CRM system. You can use our solution as a standalone product or integrate it with your current system.