Tuesday, February 3, 2015

A CRM Solution That Provides More Efficiency

Customers are more empowered today than they’ve ever been. However, exactly how empowered are your sales reps, the ones who have the most interaction with your target audience?

The landscape has changed for everyone and consumers are doing their research online. Nearly 60 percent of the buying process is completed by the time the consumer reaches out to the company, which means your sales team needs to alter their thinking when it comes to how they perform their daily tasks.

With customers becoming more efficient researchers, sales teams must become more customer-centric. You have to go to them if you want to be of any influence in making a sale. You have to learn more about them if you’re going to achieve this, and you should offer any information you gain to your company so people in other departments can better serve the target market. This requires something most sales teams aren’t equipped with – a mobile
CRM solution that makes sales reporting easy.

Consumers are actually making it easy for us to learn about their habits today. Hundreds of millions of people are constantly on their social media channels, which provides valuable insights to people who know what to watch for. You can dig deep into website analytics and retrieve information about purchase histories. Your sales team needs to be paying attention to this data, but they also need to be able to send data back to the company and automatically populate the relevant areas of the CRM solution.

Your sales reps need the mobile tools that allow them to more easily be part of the CRM solution. Tablets and smartphones are in the pocket or the briefcase of just about every sales rep in the field today. They need a CRM app that allows them to take advantage of their mobile technology.

When paired with the right software, your sales team can bring all the data necessary to the table, populate the company CRM system, and give the entire company information from which they can make fact-based decisions regarding future strategies. Furthermore, the right solution will bring a level of accountability to your sales department.

The key to the success of a CRM implementation is making sure your sales department is equipped with the mobile reporting tools they need to provide consistent information back to the company, but it won’t work unless the tools are easy to use.

Front Row Solutions has built a sales app that gives reps the ability to send back full reports in less than a minute. After every sales call, reps go through a list of questions in an easy-to-use interface that they will be able to easily fill out. Contact us today or take a look at our CRM solution descriptions on our website to get more information about how we can help your company.