Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Benefits of Using Mobile CRM

You want to grow your business. You have a talented sales team and managers that are hungry for new business. You have a great product, with efficient processes in place in both operations and customer service. You are poised for a big push.

Are you really doing everything you need to do to have an edge over your competition, though? If you are not utilizing the best technology available for your sales team, you may be losing sales to other companies that are better able to know their customers and capture every possible opportunity.

Investing in a mobile CRM tool may give your company the edge you need over your competition. Sales managers are increasingly looking for mobile CRM solutions because they recognize that their sales reps need to be in the field, not spending entire office days logging pipeline and current customer information.

Mobile CRM could be the answer you are looking for. Here is what you will see when you implement a mobile CRM solution:
Improved Communication with Clients: Your customers aren’t just listed in your database. Your competition is out there talking to them, too. Make sure that you are keeping in touch on a regular basis by using mobile CRM to schedule regular sales calls and keep on top of current information about your customer.

In addition, with mobile CRM you have the potential to significantly improve the content of those regular sales calls. Your meeting or phone call will be well-informed because of the quick and efficient notes you had entered on your mobile CRM from your last conversation. Clients don’t want you to waste their time rehashing the same conversation over and over again. Use mobile CRM to streamline conversations and meet your clients’ needs.

With mobile CRM, your customers will see that you know their industry, you understand their needs and you care about their success through the use of your service or product.

More Efficient Sales Process: The use of mobile CRM allows your sales reps to become more efficient in their sales process. They can enter data while they walk to the elevator or their car, eliminating the need to set aside hours of time on a CRM system. The sales rep can enter orders and details from a conversation within seconds.

Better Planning: With mobile CRM, your sales managers have better data, accessed more quickly. As early as 60 seconds after data from a meeting is entered by a sales rep, the sales manager can access the information for sales reporting. Sales managers are able to make decisions based on better information in a more efficient way.

If you would like to discuss more ways that mobile CRM can positively impact your business, give Front Row Solutions a call. We provide a mobile CRM app that can be tailored to your specific needs, giving you the edge you need to beat your competition in the sales field.