Tuesday, September 16, 2014

GEO Location Improves Sales Reporting

Your sales managers need detailed, specific information to make strategic decisions about sales forecasting and additional training needs. The right data helps your sales manager make accurate projections, have a clear understanding of the sales pipeline and where your sales team is excelling.

In addition to information about customers, opportunities and promotions, your sales manager needs information about the sales process. You need a clear picture of which processes most effectively lead to a closed sale or a contract. Identifying patterns of behavior of reps in the sales process is invaluable.

For instance, you may have a couple of top-performing reps that you would like to profile for the purposes of training other reps in a “best practice” type of format. You may also have a struggling rep, and tracking their behavior patterns in the sales process may help identify areas for growth.

All of these processes can be significantly enhanced with the use of GEO location, a mobile CRM app that improves sales reporting by providing geographical locations of each entry.

Some benefits of using GEO location with a mobile CRM app for sales reporting include:

  • Ability to view numbered pins of locations of each sales reporting entry by the sales rep
  • Coordinated GEO location data with date- and time-stamped entries
  • Improvement in areas like sales reporting compliance rates, sales productivity, accountability and information flow
  • Ability to make decisions based on large, insightful, relevant information
  • Filters allow for a variety of customizable mapping features, including a date selector
  • The GEO location feature can be enabled or disabled by the sales manager, allowing the sales team the most autonomy possible when desired

There has been some controversy related to the use of GEO location apps on mobile CRM because some sales reps complain that it carries a micro-management feel to sales reporting. However, it is increasingly requested by sales managers for use with their teams.

You might counter the concerns of sales reps with a shared goal. Both sales managers and sales reps want to increase sales, and GEO location is effective at improving sales reporting and sales processes to drive up revenue.

GEO location apps can help identify major gaps in sales reporting. A sales rep that waits to enter information for a meeting until the end of the day, for instance, may miss important details that, when entered immediately, would ideally be captured.

Front Row Solutions offers the only mobile CRM app that allows for sales reps to enter data from a meeting within 30 seconds, with sales reports reaching the sales manager within 60 seconds. Front Row Solutions now offers GEO location, allowing sales managers to work with accurate and detailed sales reporting data. Call Front Row Solutions today to find out how to increase sales with GEO location.