Monday, June 30, 2014

Salesforce Automation Pushes Sales to Higher Levels

How automation makes life easier for your salesforce

If you think automation makes your business processes too impersonal, you’re living in the past. Automation is a word that might be a bit overused today, so perhaps your take on salesforce automation isn’t exactly accurate, but don’t discount it when it comes to driving lead generation for your sales team.

It’s easy to get lost in the fray of technology due to the fact that it seems to change with every full moon. Regardless, you’ve got to take advantage of technology to stay on an even keel with your competition. Organizations that really embrace technology are likely to surpass their competitors. Let’s look at the ways salesforce automation positively affects the salesforce.

·         Opportunities Become Clearer
It’s so easy to miss opportunities when you fail to accurately track your appointments or set alerts for follow-ups. With salesforce automation, your sales reps will never have an excuse for missing another appointment.
Salesforce automation helps you keep your data in one place, which means you can stay current on your customer relationships – a perk that will lead to more sales.

·         Selling Becomes Automatic
Everyday tasks can be daunting, monotonous, tedious – any number of words describing an unpleasant process. However, everyday tasks are also very important if you’re going to stay on top of the sales cycle. When you simplify the tasks by using automation features in your CRM, you’re reducing the amount of time you spend on the paperwork and increasing the time you can actually be making sales. If forecasting and lead tracking are processes that seem to be pulling your salesforce down, try automating the tasks.

·         Better Upsell Opportunities
Automation helps you improve relationships, which means you’ll have more knowledge about their wants and needs. This leads to opportunities to make an upsell. Without the information you glean from automated processes, you go into a conversation nearly blind; you have no idea what the customer really wants or needs and therefore can’t provide suggestions for upselling. Furthermore, automated processes that give you more insight into customer behavior and lets you know when they are most likely to buy and how much they might be willing to spend. With this knowledge, you can set alerts that remind you when to reach out to that customer and customize your sales pitch.

·         Automation Boosts Reporting Probabilities
One of the keys to a successful sales department is having a robust reporting tool available to the salesforce. With a constant stream of detailed sales reports coming back to the office, the entire organization is armed with a database full of useful information that can help determine marketing strategies and the direction of the product line. However, without a proper reporting tool, sales reps are not willing participants.

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