Thursday, June 26, 2014

Every Sales Team Needs an iOS CRM App

You really can’t underestimate the power of a useful CRM. Despite the excellent sales team you have at your disposal and a wonderful marketing team to help pull in more prospects; your CRM is one of the most important keys in unlocking successes in your operation. Because your salesforce is mobile, it’s time to start considering an iOS CRM app that can further push your team to more success.

App developers have been busy since the smartphone revolution took hold. Americans actually spend more time online using apps now than they do web browsers, so it makes sense that CRM app developers are jumping into the mix. A helpful
iOS CRM app can be an important tool at the disposal of your salesforce and can be the difference between an effective workforce and one that is stagnant.

For the sales department, the more mobility you can give them the more successful they’ll be. This includes giving them a
mobile app that can help them send sales reports back to the home office quickly and easily. The salesforce needs apps to help them manage their customers, their vendors and their suppliers. They also need the capability to manage projects and event scheduling. The best CRM apps will include a notification system and search capabilities, as well as tools for social networking.

Many CRM systems allow users to track and manage accounts from the home office on their desktop computers, but how many vendors have an iOS CRM app that works that well for users in the field? In many cases, the salesforce is left out of the planning process when it comes to introducing a mobile solution. This is unfortunate because 99.9 percent of them are equipped with a smartphone or tablet computer that is equipped with a camera. Most of the CRM apps the salesforce is currently using are not good with sending back sales reports.

Sales reports that can be sent through an iOS mobile app quickly and easily increase the chances that a sales rep will actually follow through with sales reporting. As you well know, without a consistent supply of sales reports from your salesforce, you have no information from which to create more robust coaching experiences. More importantly, without sales reports, you have very little information from which to draw upon for making decisions for your company’s growth.

When a sales rep can send back reports from the field, the whole company benefits.
Front Row Solutions has developed an iOS CRM app that puts the power in the hands of the mobile workforce. With the Front Row solution on their side, sales teams are able to send back the valuable information that sales managers, marketers and company executives use on a daily basis.

Furthermore, our app also includes integration features that sync email calendars to the CRM solution, allowing for better follow-up. Another unique tool is our camera feature, which allows the salesforce to take pictures of anything that boosts the usefulness of the sales report.