Friday, June 6, 2014

Bring a CRM App to your Mobile Workforce

What technological device can give your sales reps the advantage over others? The smartphone. You’re probably thinking – “well, everybody has a smartphone,” and you’d probably be right. However, the smartphone has to be equipped with the tools that give your reps more leverage. When a quality CRM app is part of the tools your reps use in the field, they’ve got the competitive edge.

As a group, sales reps are a mobile team. They spend a good deal of their day out in the field, connecting with clients and hopefully, connecting back to the office with their smartphones and CRM app. Unfortunately, many CRM apps made aren’t user friendly for the salesforce.

Some of the tools your sales reps shouldn’t be in the field without include a
CRM app that offers them real-time analytics that are easy to read, easy to digest and customizable through the dashboard. They also should be equipped with records that give them insights to the client they are about to meet.

Electronic signatures are commonplace today, and that’s exactly what the best
sales reps have access to today when they’re out in the field and away from the traditional ink and paper documents. Instead, they should have access to the tools that allow them to get signatures electronically. Leave the fax at the office and get a mobile app in your pocket.

Your sales reps might not need the full line of tools your office CRM has to offer, but giving them exactly what they need to do their jobs better in the field is something you should be able to deliver. Communication is vital, so make sure the reps are equipped with some social collaboration tools that keep everyone in the office keep up to date on the sales cycle.

How about keeping up on the numerous appointments sales reps have to juggle over any given workweek? When your mobile CRM app has connectivity to your email calendars, follow-ups are no longer an issue. Keep track of every single event through your mobile device and never miss another appointment.

Sales reporting is also a major component that all CRM apps should contain. Unfortunately, this is an area where many vendors are failing to produce quality options. If your sales rep could send a detailed sales report from the field in less than a minute, you’d probably have 100 percent buy-in from your sales team. This gives your company the information it needs to make better decisions, across the board. The information gained through sales reports also provides more accountability opportunities.

Front Row Solutions has listened to sales reps and has engineered a CRM app that works for the salesforce. As a company built by sales reps, Front Row knows what is lacking, but constantly asks the people in the field what they want. Our most recent additions to the app include a camera feature and integration with email calendars. Check us out today and get your CRM system working in the field with your sales reps.