Tuesday, June 17, 2014

CRM Tools That You Utilize Most: Five Perks You Can’t Live Without

Most CRM vendors include a host of tools and resources that go untouched by the majority of users. However, they’re in there just in case. What are the features you use most often in your CRM and what do you get out of them? Let’s take a look at some of the CRM tools users are taking advantage of today.

1. Centralized Data Management
Having a consolidated database is one of the biggest perks of having CRM. Your users can enjoy real-time collaboration, whether it’s in-office or through
mobile CRM features usable by your staffers who are on the go. Whenever an important meeting is scheduled, this centralized data management process lets everyone who needs to know about the meeting in on the alert.

2. Integrating Email
Whether its Outlook, Gmail or Yahoo, your favorite email applications can be integrated into your CRM. This seamless merging means you can conduct better sales and marketing tasks due to the fact that customer communication can be quickly added to the database. You can also synchronize your calendar that most email services provide today, track your clients’ activities and stay more productive than ever. If your company is having trouble keeping tabs on follow-ups, integrating email should be the next step for you.

3. Complete Tedious Tasks Faster with Automation
While they’re tedious, they’re also very important tasks. We’re talking about sales forecasting, lead management and order fulfillment just to name a few. You want your sales reps focusing on their leads and building up better customer relationships, which they have more time to do when they let automation work in their favor.

4. Establish Better Workflow Management with
CRM Tools
Customer support, sales and marketing processes need to be streamlined, which is what CRM tools that assist with workflow management provide. Sales teams are really big proponents of workflow management tools because it helps to find the redundancies and remove them, which means a you’re going to have a more productive salesforce and more profits.

5. Efficient Security Features
Your CRM contains a gold mine of information and you want to keep that data as secure as possible. With security and administration features, you’re gaining more control over who can access information. Using quantifiers like territory, employee title, department and user profile, you can define different authorizations, giving some staff members control to portions of the CRM data that others can’t have. This is especially useful for larger companies and for companies with extremely delicate information locked away in their databases.

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