Wednesday, February 12, 2014

How to Choose A CRM System That Pays Off

As a business professional, you’re told rather consistently that your company would benefit from the deployment of a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution. After all, without CRM, how could your business even begin to manage your customer interactions, prospects, calendars and more?

You need to be equipped with the technology to organize and sync sales information, as well as track customer service and technical support without much effort. But what about your salesreps in the field? How do they derive the most benefit from this investment when reporting on this information rarely happens when your CRM is too hard to use or requires too much time at the computer. The key is to select a solution that actually fits with the way they do business.

Throughout the global marketplace, businesses consistently fail to use CRM systems because they are difficult to utilize, they don’t integrate well with their current environment or they simply take up too much time. You can ensure your sales reps are actually using CRM for its intended purpose by choosing a system that is equipped with the proper technology to fit your company’s needs.

Consider the following tips when searching for a viable CRM system that will not only work well in your environment, but also generate the results you need out of your busy sales team.

       Start by analyzing your company’s needs and what a CRM would need to offer in order to meet those needs.
       Since time is of the essence when your sales reps are in the field, choose a system that offers a fast and easy-to-use reporting system.
       Make sure the CRM system offers usability on all popular mobile platforms so that your employees can use it any time, especially if yours is a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) environment. Support for Android and iOS is essential.
       Choose a CRM system that offers more than just data. For example, some CRM solutions provide assistance in tracking leads, providing feedback and benchmarking important information.
       Ensure the usability is convenient and easy to engage your sales reps. Choosing a CRM that sales reps find intuitive will encourage them to take advantage of the technology.
       Remind your sales reps that better feedback provides proof of successes. Trackable information can help set incentives and enable employers to recognize when sales reps are improving.

It’s also important to remember that although your sales reps are a valuable asset to your company, a lack of participation in sales reports makes it impossible to track where improvements are needed and where your opportunities lay. With Front Row Solutions, we guarantee a 95 percent compliance level.

That means that almost every single one of your sales reps is submitting reports on a consistent basis. Plus, those reports are not only coming in at better rates, but they are also streamlined into feedback that is easy to track and understand. You can expect better customer feedback, suggestions on how to enhance your customer experience and a sales team that spends more time making important connections and less time trying to keep up with a CRM system that is lacking. To find out more about how we can offer a superior CRM system for your company, contact Front Row Solutions today.