Thursday, February 6, 2014

How Are Your Sales Reps Managing Prospect Tracking in the Field?

You’re constantly striving to improve your sales force productivity. The problem is around 75 percent of your sales reps only work less than five hours a day. If you could get just one more sales call per day out of each of your reps, you could be looking at an extra $1,000 from each of them.

You need to make your sales reps more accountable for the time they spend on the clock. They also need the sales tools that can help them be more productive, without taking too much of their time. What if they had a reporting system at their fingertips that could give them the ability to manage prospect tracking and report their results in mere seconds? What if the same tool allowed them the ability to quickly refresh on a current prospect before going into the call?

The sad fact is that too many companies have dropped hundreds of thousands, even millions of dollars on their customer relationship management (CRM) systems yet they aren’t getting the rich prospect tracking tools to go along with them. In many cases, the CRM vendor says they will see dramatic increases in revenue after installing their product, yet gains are only marginal.

The Front Row Solution

Front Row Solutions, has created a prospect tracking app that offers reporting abilities with all of the solutions listed above. What used to take two hours (or was completely neglected all together) is now completed in less than two minutes with Front Row’s solution. Field Sales call reporting enters a new era with this new reporting tool.

Clients who have adopted the Front Row solution are seeing a 10 to 50 percent increase in the activity of their sales reps. The solution comes with real-time field sales metrics, which help you manage your sales reps more effectively.

Your salespeople now have more time with customers, make more calls and more revenue and spend less time in the office. The sales managers get better prospect tracking tools, advanced budgeting tools, real-time reports from all of their sales territories and real-time analysis in each territory and sales team.

Front Row’s CRM can be used as a complete standalone, which gives you the option of having a standardized sales process, critical information populated into custom dashboards, custom reports and ROI in weeks or days. You don’t have to throw away your expensive CRM system, either, because Front Row’s solution can be integrated into any CRM system. This ultimately provides you all the advantages of your current system along with the top-notch additions.

If you want to set up your CRM with Front Row as a one directional system, you can. With this method, you will see your information flow from the sales rep to the Front Row server, and then into your CRM system. Two directional methods are also possible with Front Row. Check out our solutions today and start realizing maximum benefits from your CRM investment.