Friday, February 21, 2014

CRM Features Enter the Mobile Space

Nobody can argue that the technology surrounding telecommunications over the last 10 years hasn’t changed the global landscape. Around 55 percent of Americans have a smartphone. Just over 40 percent are equipped with tablet computers, according to Pew Internet Project’s research on mobile technology.

In October of last year, Apple announced that they had reached one million apps in the App Store. Android continues to add thousands of apps per month for use by its users and should hit 800,000 regular quality apps before the end of winter.

Most organizations have at least considered developing an app for consumers if they don’t have one up and running already. As consumers become more reliant on their smartphones, organizations will quickly learn that the apps offered will be a gateway to information and/or services that get you what you want faster than you can through a search engine or traditional website.

Some of the first apps made by developers might seem quite useless by now, but apps are definitely not going away. As the number of smartphones continues to grow, the more essential apps will be to the everyday user. They are efficient, easy to use, exclusive to the tasks assigned to them, offer an endless array of possibilities and they are each unique.

Many people are using social media apps to stay connected better than they ever have. It’s obvious that apps are available for just about every conceivable need, but how advanced are they in the workplace?

In the Customer relationship management (CRM) space, the need to offer mobile apps is continuing to grow. This means that the
CRM features that sales people have become accustomed to on their laptops and desktops must now be available on their smartphones.

It’s no secret that sales reps are not the best adopters of CRM, despite the fact that a well built CRM provides access to the kind of data your sales reps and managers need to improve profit margins. However, sales reps are built to convert leads into sales, not punch numbers into a computer and file sales reports.

Some of the best CRM solutions on the market fail to achieve a positive adoption rate, mostly because the CRM team has not paid close attention to what every member of the organization needs in a solution. When it comes to developing mobile CRM, no sales rep is going to use it if it doesn’t allow them to get their job done faster.

Front Row Solutions has the mobile CRM solutions that your sales force wants. How do we know what the sales force needs in a mobile app? First,  our management team  is made up of former sales reps. Second, we have interviewed more than 100 sales reps to determine what they need in CRM solutions and mobile CRM features. When it comes to working in the field, reporting sales activities has never been easier than with Front Row’s CRM features for mobile devices. To learn more, give us a call today.