Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Customer Relationship Management Goes Mobile

Most businesses today understand the importance of investing in customer relationship management solutions, yet the adoption ratings of these solutions is low. Econsultancy, a digital marketing and ecommerce organization, reported recently that less than 33 percent of companies with customer relationship management systems are happy with them.

Almost every organization with the ability to collect data is doing it today. Some are doing it without really understanding why. Customer relationship management (CRM) tools are made to help these organizations make sense of all the data they’re storing, but that doesn’t seem to be the case at least a third of the time.

Despite this lack of engagement in the CRM systems, the industry is still projected to hit $36.5 billion in a couple of years. If your company takes on a CRM solution and wants to gain valuable information from it you need to cover the basics first, especially with  mobile CRM tools that are emerging now.

The first step is figuring out how to make sense of all the data you’ve gathered. In nearly 40 percent of organizations, they don’t have the capacity to integrate data between departments. About 10 percent of CRM users don’t have a system that allows them to gain real-time insights. With these inadequacies in place, it’s easy to see how so many organizations are failing to get the most out of their CRM solutions.

One way around the issue is to spearhead a project that involves merging operations into one platform. This isn’t that difficult for smaller companies because many customer-facing operations are already overlapping to some degree. Larger companies can achieve success through a phased implementation process.

Not every department will use the CRM in the same way, but information gained through each department can have great relevance to other departments. For instance, the data that a sales rep sends back to the database can be vital to the success of marketing professionals who need to know where to take the next strategy. Unfortunately, most organizations don’t have a good enough handle on their CRM system to utilize reporting features that sales reps need to use regularly.

To get the most out of what the sales reps can report from the field, your sales force needs a mobile CRM app that keeps them connected at all times. This is another area that lacks with most CRM vendors. Not only are their mobile apps few and far between, they don’t always work well with the salesforce. Your salesforce needs reporting tools that are easy to use, mobile and capable of firing off reports in less than a minute.

One company that has mastered the art of creating mobile CRM tools is Front Row Solutions. As a company built by former sales reps, we know what sales reps need when they’re in the field. We also know what sales managers need to improve accountability measures across the department. Front Row’s mobile CRM app does just that.