Tuesday, July 29, 2014

CRM Features Can Give Your Sales Team a Leg Up

Most sales teams don’t realize that CRM can be used at the ground level and assist them in their efforts. In fact, most of the sales reps in the field today believe CRM is built only for management-level employees, which is understandable given the way most CRM vendors approach their CRM features for reporting.

CRM features in most solutions are quite complicated when it comes to reporting, which means as a sales manager you are less likely to take the time to try and train your sales reps on how to use it. Even if you do go through the trouble, the sales reps find the reporting tools far too time consuming, so they never fall into the habit of making sales reports.

When emboldened with CRM features that are easier to use, your sales teams can improve their selling capabilities. For sales teams that realize the potential of their CRM, most say it has improved their ability to hit sales goals. They are able to do this because CRM solutions improve productivity, build stronger customer relationships, provide more avenues to best practices and enhance communication across the organization. This is only if the solution is accessible to the mobile sales force though.

Looking at the communication aspect,
CRM features deliver on this front because without a proper vehicle, it’s difficult for employees in different departments to tap into the knowledge source within all of the team members. For instance, sales reps have direct communication with the customers, which means they have a better idea of what the customer wants and when they want it. This is valuable information for marketing people who can tailor fit a message for maximum impact.

Manual processes continue to be the norm with sales teams as they fail to adopt technology that seems better suited for other departments. However, CRM features automate many of these time-consuming processes and open up more possibilities. With the right solution, your sales reps can offer up their valuable information through
sales reports and spend more time closing the sales cycle sooner.

Best practices include proper coaching from sales management. As a sales manager you may not have the data you need to properly train your reps. However, with the automated features offered through the right CRM solution as a sales manager you are armed with all the information you need to provide excellent training opportunities for your reps, which results in better performance.

Everyone wants to see their costs go down, which is what CRM can also provide. Sales costs in particular will dip when a sales team taps into CRM features. One way this happens is through improving inventory costs through better forecasting. CRM reduces order errors, which can be quite costly in terms of time and money.

Front Row Solutions has tapped into CRM features that provide our clients with time saving and cost-saving solutions. We built our solution around the needs of the salesforce, which is what too many other vendors have failed to achieve. Check out our offering and learn how Front Row can improve the efficiency of your sales team in the field.