Thursday, July 3, 2014

Bringing the iOS Sales App Onboard

Four ways a mobile app can improve sales
Getting ahead of the competition sometimes requires getting on board with the right technology. When it comes to growing sales, mobile customer relationship management solutions could be the missing ingredient for your salesforce.

Many organizations have come to the realization that their CRM isn’t sales-friendly, which is why they’ve increasingly sought out iOS sales app technology to give their mobile workforce an edge. As more and more sales reps utilize smartphones and tablet computers in the field, the tools offered by
iOS sales app vendors are indispensable. Let’s look at some ways the mobile apps can give your salesforce a boost.

1) Better Client Relationships
What most other departments in your company realized about CRM long ago is that it helps to nurture relationships by keeping better track of them. CRM assists in keeping all the information in the right places, which helps you gain insights as the relationship matures. Making notes, keeping track of appointments; these are some of the very basic services a CRM can provide the mobile workforce through an iOS sales app built to forge better client relationships, which leads to more sales.

2) Easier Planning
How many times have your sales reps had to make calls from the field back to the office to check on the status of stock, payments, revenue and invoices? If they are armed with an iOS sales app, they will have all that information at their fingertips, which makes for much easier planning while they’re on the go.

3) More Revenue in Less Time
Time is everything in sales. You want to shorten your sales cycle. You want your sales reps to spend every hour of their workday making calls, talking to clients and promoting your products. CRM apps can assist with this. Instead of wasting a lot of time with paperwork and writing notes that you will probably lose, get connected with a CRM app that allows you to gain more leads and make more sales. With the right app, your salesforce can close deals and track conversations from the field on their mobile devices.

4) Better Reporting
Consistent and accurate reporting is the biggest advantage your mobile sales app can give you. Too many CRM vendors have missed opportunities by designing CRM solutions without the salesforce in mind. This is why so few sales departments are buying in to the company’s CRM solution – the reporting tools really stink. They’re too difficult to work with and too time consuming for the sales rep to even consider using. With the right iOS sales app, your sales team can start firing off quick sales reports after every call. Suddenly, you’ll have the information you need to offer your team better one-on-one coaching opportunities.

Front Row Solutions has answered the call of the salesforce by building a mobile solution that allows your team to make reports in less than a minute. The app also includes camera functionality, which means your reps can send photo attachments to enhance their sales reports. Contact us today and find out how our solutions can be a perfect match for your mobile workforce.