Thursday, July 24, 2014

CRM Integration: Four Ways to Make Your CRM Work for You

If you’re part of an organization that cares about its viability going forward, you’re likely to have had conversations about how to develop better relationships with your customer base and establish new relationships with future customers.

There is also a good chance that you’ve discussed how technology can help you meet your goals, which is what customer relationship management (CRM) vendors are offering in their solutions.
CRM integration can work for you, but only if you use it effectively.

What is CRM integration? Essentially, CRM integration involves building up your website to work seamlessly with your CRM solution. Integration often includes a good amount of automation that keeps your customer lead data flowing effortlessly so you can make better connections. Let’s review some aspects of CRM integration.

·         Why Do I Need to Integrate?
Data has value. It’s the data that gives you insights that can positively influence your decisions made for your business. When the data is kept in a silo that never gets any sort of evaluation, it’s essentially useless. CRM helps you unlock the power behind your data by presenting it in a usable form. You can customize the interface to make the data speak directly to you.
·         How Can I Get Started with Integration?
Many organizations already have an expensive and robust CRM solution at their disposal, they just haven’t figured out how to make it part of their workflow or help manage their workflow. If you haven’t yet implemented a CRM solution, you’ll need to map out what you expect your system to do for you and then start shopping based on those needs. CRM integration can be a technical process and involves an IT team that has a thorough understanding in seamless integration techniques. You can also get assistance from your vendor.
·         What Benefits Will I Notice?
A seamlessly integrated CRM solution will produce an improved customer satisfaction rating, which leads to increased profitability. When you have unlocked the secrets hidden in the data, you’re better able to please your customers, which always equates to better profit margins. You’re also going to see better productivity on the part of your employees, especially marketing staffers and sales reps. For instance, sales reps who have integrated use of the CRM are better able to keep track of follow-ups and access notes about clients before they meet for a sales call.
·         Can I Include a Mobile CRM Solution?
You can include a mobile solution for your
salesforce and others in your organization. This is something that was neglected in CRM designs previously, but has emerged recently as sales teams were missing out on the power of the CRM solution. With a mobile app, sales reps can send sales reports back to the office where it will populate the database with excellent, insightful and useful information that will move the company forward.

Front Row Solutions is committed to CRM integration that assists the sales team in meeting their goals. Contact us today and see how our enhanced CRM tools can boost your sales quotas.