Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Mobile CRM App Includes New Camera Feature‬

If your company is like most, you’re always looking for new ways to leverage your customer relationship management (CRM). Unfortunately, too many companies find that their CRM is under utilized in the sales department, most often because CRM vendors fail to offer the user experience that works with the salesforce. Front Row Solutions has sprung into action to help companies like yours get better adoption rates from your sales force. We’ve also developed a camera feature for our mobile CRM solution.

A CRM Solution for Sales by Sales
At Front Row, there are two reasons we know what the salesforce needs. First we are former sales reps with years of experience in the field. Second we asked sales reps currently in the workforce what exactly it is that they need in their CRM.

We developed a mobile CRM app that allows sales reps to enter information for their sales reports and send it to any number of people that need to see it in 30 seconds or less. Your salesforce needs a CRM solution that allows them to spend less time entering data and more time on sales calls, and we delivered. Now, we’ve added a camera feature that increases the usability of the app.

Automatic Notification
Sales reps can use the camera to grab quick photos of contracts, displays, receipts, business cards, quotes, mug shots of clients, clients’ offices, competitive brochures, classrooms, broken signs that need repair and just about anything else that sales reps need to take photos of and include in their reports. When a picture is attached in a Front Row mobile CRM report, recipients get automatic notification that a picture has been included in the report.

Compliance auditors, sales managers, vice presidents can all be notified automatically that something that needs their attention is coming their way. For instance, if your sales rep’s report contains a picture of a signed sample card, the compliance auditor can be notified. A picture of a broken sign can be sent in a report and the service manager can be notified. Finance personnel really appreciate having the picture of the receipt attached to reports because it allows them to keep more efficient books.

Achieve 100 Percent Buy-in
In order to get the most out of your CRM, you need every sales rep to participate in entering the information that provides the data from which fact-based decisions can be made. The best way to do that is offer a mobile CRM product with a camera feature that is built to the needs of the sales rep.

The Front Row Solution
Front Row knows too many sales departments are working with customer relationship management solutions that cater to almost everybody but the salesforce. We know that the salesforce is a mobile group, which is why we’ve designed our mobile app to get to the heart of sales reporting. If you’re ready for this kind of efficiency, contact us today.