Friday, March 21, 2014

Front Row Solutions Offers New Camera Feature on Mobile CRM App

Since the company was established in 2008, Front Row Solutions has been on a mission to be the best CRM for sales reps and sales managers. The company has continually found ways to achieve this mission, including the recent addition of a camera feature to its prized Sales Pro App.

Front Row has an excellent habit of reaching out to sales reps and sales managers actually working in the field to ask them what they want and what they need in their CRM solutions. They've done the same with their Sales Pro App. The answers they got back included a camera feature at the top of the list.

With the camera feature, sales reps will have the ability to use the Sales Pro App to send a picture with their sales report. This picture could be a contract, quote, business card, receipt, grocery store display, competitive brochure, a mug shot of a client, a clients office, a convention, a broken and repaired sign, a classroom, a billboard or a picture of a company's website and a host of other items.

When the camera feature is used, the recipient(s) is automatically notified that a picture is included in a report. (With the camera feature, a sales rep can use automation to notify the recipient(s) of reports that a picture is included.) For instance, a sales manager can be alerted to the fact that a sales report includes a contract. If a signed sample card is included in the report, a compliance auditor can be notified. Service managers need to know if a service call for repairs is needed, which is also a perk of the camera feature.
Furthermore, receipts included in reports will alert the finance personnel; marketing will be notified of a picture of sales display; a client can be sent a picture of an ad that has hit the press or that their company was mentioned. Customer service can automatically receive notifications of sales reports or business cards included in sales reports.

Front Row designed the mobile app so the salesforce can be 100 percent mobile at all times. More importantly, the app is designed to allow these sales professionals the ability to send a report in 30 seconds or less, which is extremely important in getting buy-in from the salesforce. Front Row has achieved compliance rates of 95 percent or better.

Too many companies have had unflattering adoption rates from sales staff from otherwise high-functioning and highly expensive CRM solutions. Front Row made it their goal to find a solution that works equally as well for management as it does for the sales staff, who have a completely different set of expectations in their use of CRM than what is experienced in other departments. The new camera feature is just another reminder that Front Row is creating solutions for the sales force.

About Front Row Solutions
Front Row Solutions (FRS), a North American company, was founded in 2008 to improve the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) process. Designed by former sales reps and drawing from the executive team's 30+ years of experience in all facets of business, the Front Row Solutions CRM system can stand alone or integrate into currently implemented systems, helping sales reps improve revenue and profit by using its fast, user-friendly interface. The Front Row Solutions CRM provides real-time insight to the sales management team, and the fast, easy-to-use system improves sales representatives' compliance on sales reports, empowering the sales management team to fully track rep accountability, performance and a host of other invaluable functions for guaranteed improved profitability.

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