Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Customer Relationship Management Integration: Looking to the Future

Social media has worked its way into the very fabric of many business processes. Even customer relationship management (CRM) vendors are considering the role of social media in their future offerings. Integrations of social media is just part of a trend in CRM that looks beyond transactions and into context.

Leverage the Power of Information on the Internet
Customer relationship management integration involves intelligent application programming interfaces (APIs) that are capable of using the immeasurable amount of information available on the Internet to their benefit. To become a more automated part of the business strategy, the CRM needs an API that can work for you. For instance, if your organization is mentioned in social media, the API could pick up on that and alert you to it. This is particularly useful in damage control incidents where something negative is mentioned.

Integrating Touch Points for Customers
You probably realized long ago that you can’t sell to your customers the way that you want to; you have to listen to what the customer says to determine how to best interact with them. If you’re not working with a CRM that lends itself to working with customer touch points, you’re probably missing out on valuable information from your target market. The CRM that has automated touch point capabilities offers you a vantage point to hear what your target market is saying about your product/brand.

VerticalizationYet Another Trend Involving Specialization in CRM
Vendors are no longer creating CRM solutions that are supposed to work for any sized organization in any industry. The argument could be made that the multipurpose CRM was never that effective. Regardless, the CRM of today involve a healthy dose of verticalization that allows your organization to maximize the full potential of the solution. Customer relationship management integration now involves catering to industries that have different strategies in the way they reach out to their target audience because every organization has a different type of customer.

Customization of CRM is now the norm for the best CRM vendors who offer the right tools for optimal integration and customization. Integrating tools into existing CRM systems is also something more organizations are considering as they face the prospect of ditching a very expensive set of software and stare down yet another expensive and time consuming installation of a CRM system. Instead, they’re looking to vendors that build the right tools, tools that the existing CRM system is lacking.

Front Row Solution’s CRM integration
Front Row Solutions built its solution to be fully integrated into any CRM system. This gives you the advantage of all the tools that Front Row built for quick and easy reporting while also giving you full use of your current CRM system. The adoption rate for sales departments is notoriously low, mostly because of the reporting features in most CRM solutions are nothing short of a hassle for the sales force. Front Row addresses this issue and is now recognized as the fastest and easiest sales reporting tool on the market today.