Friday, March 7, 2014

Is it Time to Consider CRM Integration?

Integrating marketing automation systems with CRM is something most companies consider first when it comes to integrating CRM. But did you know you can get just as much out of CRM integration with sales?

Most companies jump in with integrating CRM with marketing automation systems because they want to create a marketing and sales tool that can create an improved method of lead generation, the marketing to sales process and various marketing automation processes. The sales team benefits because they are handed better, more qualified leads. Sales teams need the same enriched tools so they can improve their tracking and activity alerts.

CRM integration adds a lot more value to marketing automation processes because you suddenly have the ability to look much deeper into the demographics and get a clearer view of the consumer behaviors. Behavior tracking is essential if you want to know more about what they want before they ask you for it. In many cases, the consumer won’t ask, they’ll just jump ship and go to the organization that is offering what they want, which is why CRM integration is essential before you lose your customer base.

Another perk to behavioral tracking is that you will have access to analytics that show all the communication you’ve had with your customers, from files they’ve downloaded to emails you’ve sent back and forth. With this information, you have a better idea of what they’re interested in, which allows sales reps an opportunity to make a more direct pitch.

The faster you have access to information, the more ready you’ll be to react when the time is right. CRM integration can offer various automation processes, including real-time activity alerts, which puts you in a better position. For instance, if a consumer downloads information about a certain product, you’ll have a real-time alert sent to you that lets you know what product that customer is taking a direct interest in. With information like this, you no longer have to guess what products interest that customer most and you can react accordingly.

Lead nurturing is probably one of the most important aspects of CRM integration. Companies have embraced this process because nurtured leads spend more money per transaction than any other lead. Sure, they might take a while to nurture into a sales situation, but it’s worth it in the end. CRM integration allows automation of the lead nurturing process, especially with the communication aspect. Leads can receive personalized emails and messages from sales reps that make an impression.

Sales reps are fairly particular about how they use their CRM, which means any automation that can be included through CRM integration will be of great benefit to you and your sales staff. Recognizing the potentially touchy situation that can turn sales reps off rather quickly,
Front Row Solutions created a product that keeps sales reps interested in filing their reports.

We asked more than 100 sales reps what they wanted in their CRM and we’ve developed our product around their answers. Furthermore, we’re leading the way in a mobile CRM app that assists your sales reps in the field better than any CRM app available today.