Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Reduce the Failure Rate: Utilize an iOS Sales App‬ That Works

Much can be said about the functionality of CRM systems that vendors are building today. However, despite the vast array of tools that come standard in most CRM systems, less than half of them are successfully implemented.

According to a
report by Merkle Group, Inc., 63 percent of CRM initiatives fail. After surveying 352 senior-level executives at billion dollar organizations, Merkle found that even though these executives see the value in CRM, they recognize that it is underutilized. The report details that of the organizations realizing revenue and profit growth, they are 50 percent more likely to be using CRM as their key driver to success than the companies seeing low growth.

It’s possible that companies that aren’t achieving success through their CRM systems are not recognizing the value of customer analytics, which is ultimately what a high-functioning CRM can offer. It’s also possible that they understand this line of thought, but don’t think they are capable of capturing the information that leads to an analysis that can provide insights that lead to profits. There are vendors working today to ensure that this information can indeed be captured.

The issue is two-fold: on one hand you have a segment of your workforce – a very valuable segment – that has a specific way of working that doesn’t match up with your current CRM. On the other hand you have an expensive system that has no mobility and/or is difficult to use. Of the 63 percent of organizations that fail to find their implementation to be successful, a majority will point to their sales department as the one that holds out the longest or never adopts the solution.

However, seeking out an
iOS sales app that connects the sales reps to the company’s CRM can take the pain out of the adoption of and adaptation to the company’s CRM. The salesforce is highly mobile and needs an iOS sales app that meets their needs as they work throughout the day in the field. However, there are currently mobile apps in circulation that don’t fit the needs of the salesforce. What they really need is a solution that makes their sales reporting as easy as possible.

The salesforce does not want to spend much, if any, of its workday away from their main duty – connecting with clients and making sales. Whether it’s their instinctive drive to work or their motivation to gain as many commissions as possible throughout the day, they will want to spend as little time as possible filing a sales report. Not many vendors are succeeding in offering a CRM tool offers this sales reporting functionality while also integrating with their current system.

Front Row Solutions has succeeded in doing both. Our solution also works as a standalone if that suits your needs. Not only will your sales reps be able to send back a detailed sales report, complete with pictures, in less than a minute – they’ll do it on a consistent basis, which provides more accountability in the workplace.