Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Fill Your CRM Database by Using the Right Tools

Data is an all-important factor when it comes to making the right decisions for your business. The best data is that which is gained from your sales reps. However, organizations using the wrong CRM tools are likely not filling their databases with the most actionable information.

You know that every interaction, whether it results in a sale or not, is valuable. Some might argue that the interaction where the lead tells you that they have absolutely no interest in what you are offering might be more valuable than one that results in a sale because you are gaining the information you need to make your brand better. When all this data is stored and recalled properly in a
CRM database, the end result is improved customer loyalty and higher earning potential well into the future.

You should be using your CRM database to not only manage your contacts but to strengthen your relationships. In fact, the companies that use their CRM to improve relationships are getting the most out of it because the relationships last longer and less money is spent on new customer acquisition.

Too many organizations focus their efforts on finding new customers instead of catering to their current clients. These are organizations that don’t put much thought into their CRM database and spend great amounts of money on advertising and lead generation in an attempt to pull in that untapped resource. These are also organizations that didn’t learn lessons offered through the recession, a time when smarter company leaders turned their focus on the more cost-effective method of becoming customer-centric in an effort to hold on to the existing customers and turn them into lifelong assets.

When you drill down on the data you have on your clients, you are better able to truly become customer-centric and deliver to them what they’re asking for. Other companies that don’t collect data try to impress upon the masses how much they should want what the company is trying to sell. The latter method is antithetical to the customer-centric model, which is proven to work.

What tools are you using to gain the upper hand when it comes to the race to build up your database? If you’re like many organizations using CRM, you’ve probably noticed that your salesforce is lacking when it comes to providing
sales reports. The reason this is happening is because the reporting tools they have access to are not built for a mobile workforce. The system is too difficult to work with and reporting takes too much time, and can often only be carried out back at the office.

Vendors today are beginning to cater to the mobile workforce, offering them a way to utilize CRM tools through mobile devices such as smartphones and tablet computers.

Front Row Solutions is leading the way when it comes to mobile CRM reporting tools. Our solution gives your salesforce the power to generate and relay a highly detailed sales report in less than a minute. With more consistent information coming into your CRM database, you’ll be able to see exactly what it is that your clientele prefers and when they prefer it.